Cycling in Xiaoshan Village 2022 (35)

Oct.212022 Ride from Xiaoshan Village, Lvtian, Huahua to Wanlianma Village and Guifeng Village, and enter Xiaoshan Village, the last stop of Lvtian, which is known as Lugu Lake in Guangzhou.

HD link: ride Xiaoshan Village 2022 (35) It’s different from the Guifeng Village nearby, which has been there for three times.

It’s the first time since I got to know Xiaoshan Village.

It’s really amazing.

Several sand dunes spit out, which is just the most beautiful scenery.

There are roads and plank roads around the lake, as well as several viewing platforms, all of which are large.

Half a circle around the lake, I feel the scenery is very pleasant.

Next time, I will visit the rest of the place.

It’s so close to Guifeng Village that we can travel together in Lihua season, and cars can easily drive in.

Take the UAV and take a simple flight shot.

This is a good place for camping.

If there is a girl who can take pictures outside, she will be beautiful.

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HD link: ride Xiaoshan Village 2022 (35) 。.