Cycling in Taiyuan, China (Day Camp 10.30)

Future citizens and children have ridden the Qiandao Lake, the most beautiful water in the world, the scenery in the north of Guizhou, the holy lake in the Chishui River Plateau, the Qinghai Lake…

But never once have we been able to ride the future citizens on the ancient city wall.

We have achieved the goal of riding the Tongfeng East Road and Tongfeng South Road around the residential shops on the city wall, There is also a barbican city…

Under the city wall is a beautiful moat.

Under the city wall is a beautiful moat.

PART 01 Up and down the city 1 Up and down the city, ride Tongfeng Road in the ancient city.

As its name implies, it is named Tongye Fengdi.

Tongye is a younger brother, opening the source of the Three Jin Dynasties.

Tongfeng Road is now located at the foot of the inner city wall of the ancient city.

It is the inner ring road and the main traffic line of the ancient city.

It also connects all the city gates and the main four streets in the ancient city.

NO.2 Riding on the city wall and under the city wall.

The city wall is the boundary line of a city in the ancient city.

It is also a barrier to protect the safety of the people.

Riding on the magnificent ancient city wall, there are people inside and outside the city.

PART 02 Riding outside the city, learning from outside the city, riding while learning from outside the city, 01 Riding outside the city, learning from Tongyefeng brother, creating the source of the Three Jin Dynasties.

The story of Tongyefeng brother, the Son of Heaven, without joking is a landmark event in Shanxi history.

Tang Shuyu was granted the title of the vassal of the Tang State and loved by Tang people.

His son Xie succeeded to the throne and changed the country name to Jin, opening the source of the Three Jin Dynasties.

02 Outside the city, ride and learn from Dehua Gate and Mingzhen Wuci Temple.

Zhenwu Temple is located in the urn at the north gate of Taiyuan Ancient County.

In the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Di claimed that he was the embodiment of Zhenwu, the king of the earth and the god of heaven.

Therefore, Zhenwu Ancestral Temple in the Ming Dynasty was spread all over the country and was a ritual building in the national sacrifice system.

Who is Zhenwu Emperor? 03 Outside the city, do you know the origin of pot throwing? Do you know the origin of pot throwing? Take the children to experience the game of pot throwing! 04 Outside the city, learn from the wisdom of the city wall while riding.

What do you know about the city wall? What is a city tower? What is a turret? What is a crib? 05 changes of taiyuan city while riding outside the city the existing ancient taiyuan county is an early ming county located on the site of jinyang ancient city.

However, the ancient city of Jinyang dates back more than 2500 years…

The city goes up, the city goes down, the city goes out, and the city goes through Taiyuan from a different perspective.

The thickness inside the city wall for 2500 years is colliding with the prosperity outside the city wall…

If walking along the city wall can make you feel the thick history and culture, then riding along the city wall must make passion and thickness go together…

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