Cycling in Autumn | Meet the magnificent autumn scenery in Bern

The content of this article comes from the official account Swiss Quality Hotel SQHI: source: © Switzerland Tourism/JanGeerk is located in the central part of Switzerland.

Bern Region is proud of being the “most diversified resort” and has become one of the national railway hubs due to its convenient transportation.

There are some of the most famous mountains in Switzerland, such as Jungfrau, Igor and Monk Peak.

At the same time, there are rolling hills, vast green fields, clear and quiet lakes and rivers.

The crisscross biking and hiking trails, unforgettable water fun experience, majestic mountain scenery, various outdoor activities, countless special foods, rich cultural and artistic charm…

which one is your favorite? The first stop is Interlaken.

With good memories, we set out from Solotun in Algol region and continue to ride to Interlaken, the famous tourist city at the foot of Jungfrau Peak, the first destination in Bern region.

Source: Interlaken Tourismus is located between two emerald green lakes (Thun Lake and Brienz Lake) in Bern Heights.

Interlaken has been famous for its beautiful mountain scenery since the early 9th century.

Photo source: InterlakenTourismus has different sceneries throughout the year.

The colorful flower sea in spring, the wonderful nature in summer, the romantic color in autumn, and the charming snow and ice in winter are all fascinating.

What’s your dream holiday like? Interlaken has a magnificent mountain world, a picturesque paradise, exciting challenges and adventures, as well as rich urban customs and smooth shopping fun.

No matter what you are looking for, she can meet your expectations.

Source: The beautiful capital Bern can be selected as the lunch place on the Interlaken Tourismus ride.

This is the location of the Swiss federal government and is famous for its well preserved medieval buildings.

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It can be easily reached by public transport, and it is also very convenient to take short distance tourism routes to all directions.

Thanks to its unique architectural style, the 96 guestrooms in the hotel are spacious and comfortable with complete room types, which can enjoy spectacular scenery.

Among them, 84 rooms can directly overlook the unique scenery of Maiden Peak.

Among the many fine restaurants in the hotel, Topo’Met, a panoramic restaurant on the 18th floor, is the most popular, because you can enjoy the beauty of Maiden Peak, the whole city and the surrounding two lakes from the perfect perspective of the roof.

In addition, the food here is also very good! The selection of local seasonal ingredients to produce characteristic authentic food is appetizing, and the exquisite dessert of afternoon tea is definitely worth your leisure time in the afternoon.

Hotel address: H ö heweg 373800 Interlaken E-mail: Ctrip booking: The second stop is Mirren Murren, which starts from Interlaken.

We continue to ride in this beautiful area where Eig Peak, Mohi Peak and Jungfrau Peak stand, and go to Mirren’s James Bond World.

With the filming of the 007 series film “The Secret Order of the Queen”, James Bond, an invincible agent, made Xuelang Peak famous overnight, and also made the village of Mirren at the foot of the mountain known to the world.

Source: Ins@pointofviewfoto Now, this mountain with a shocking panorama is the most attractive tourist attraction in the Jungfrau area.

Milun, a simple mountain village that makes people relaxed and happy, is also welcoming more and more tourists throughout the year.

Photo source: M ü rrenTourismus is here, where you can enjoy the magnificent scenery of the surrounding mountains, step on the crisscross hiking trails, explore the various water interests hidden in the mountains or valleys, feel the majesty of flying on the mountain top like an eagle, enjoy the traditional culture of the village with a long history, and taste various kinds of food…

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EigerStuebli restaurant is full of Swiss style, and the chef is good at using local fresh ingredients to create classic seasonal dishes; The main restaurant of Restaurant Eigersaal is proud of its large French windows.

Guests can have an unobstructed view of Eiger Peak, Mohi Peak and Jungfrau Peak when dining indoors..