Cycling helps the Winter Olympics

Cycling helps the Winter Olympics.

Cycling helps the Winter Olympics.

Staying in Beijing for the Spring Festival this year eliminates the need to pay New Year’s greetings and visit relatives.

However, due to the epidemic, it is not easy to wander around, so I planned cycling activities with my wife that can avoid contact and go out to relax.

Riding around the Second Ring Road on the second day of junior high school, the temperature is more difficult than expected, and the speed is much lower than usual.

There are fewer vehicles and pedestrians on the road.

When passing the moat of the North Second Ring Road, I saw many people playing on the frozen river and doing some ice sports.

On the third day of junior high school, I rode to Tiananmen Square (because I was too tired the day before…), When I passed Tiananmen Square, I felt that there were really fewer people than usual.

Although the back is sore after riding, you still feel very comfortable.

Don’t forget to exercise more at home and welcome the physical test when you come back from school.

This is our way to welcome the Winter Olympics.

Finally, I wish the Winter Olympics a complete success! PART.

02 Spring Festival Gala, the national football team, finally talk about the Spring Festival Gala and the national football team.

In fact, there is not much to say.

Most people should feel disappointed.

But I do not want to make complaints about what is behind this question.

We can put this topic in the Tsing Ma forum.

I just sigh that the Spring Festival Gala and the national football team really shoulder too many expectations of the Chinese people.

The Spring Festival Gala is a grand event that people all over the country look forward to every new year’s Eve.

Football, as the first World Games, the national football team will gradually distance from the world cup after 2002, which has always been a pain in the hearts of the Chinese people, but as long as there is a national football game, many Chinese people will pay attention to it.

Whether it’s the Spring Festival Gala or the national football team, it’s impossible to say that you don’t expect.

It’s because you shoulder too many Chinese people’s expectations that you will feel so disappointed.

I believe you think so.

I sincerely hope that the Spring Festival Gala and the national football team can become better.

Although this year’s CCTV Spring Festival Gala is not satisfactory, the satellite TV Spring Festival Gala still has many highlights.

What impressed me most is the dislocation time and space of Jiangsu Spring Festival Gala.

Like last year’s China in the light, this song is deeply loved by the majority of Internet users, and the theme song can also be popular.

Zhou Shen yyds, finally attach this song to share with you.