[cycling group construction] enjoy the unique car rental service

It’s too tired to walk and too crowded to ride.

Only by riding can we keep the most beautiful scenery in mind and visit all the places that can’t be reached by car.

We take you to experience unique and exclusive services with our own expertise.

Everything starts from “professional”, just to surprise you.

Now many people rent cars and bicycles.

After paying the money and getting the equipment, you can go out…

It’s just the so-called mountain and river are at its end, there is no doubt that there is no way, there is a bright future, and another village.

Next, it’s my turn.

Ladies and gentlemen it’s smyshowtime!!! “Remember riding Hi” rental service enjoy safe and worry free car exclusive professional service 01 make an appointment: you can make an appointment by phone between 8:00-15:00 the day or days before the car: car location + car time + car quantity.

We will deliver the vehicle to your hotel or home stay at the appointed time.

Telephone reservation: 13605815112 add wechat Reservation: 02 professional guidance: before using the car, we will explain the professional riding of the car to you.

How to wear a helmet; How high is the cushion; How to get on and off safely; Why do you need to wear gloves when riding; Wear a headscarf; Guide riding at any time during riding; Take you to stretch and warm up, and a series of questions will be explained to you one by one.

Our professional can help you reduce the damage caused by riding! 03 route recommendation: we have many cycling routes, leisurely cycling: beautiful scenery and panoramic view of cultural relics; Challenge cycling: release pressure, sweat like rain, reduce fat and reduce pressure…

According to your needs, recommend what kind of route you want to ride…

Zhijiang East Road Cycling line, Wentao road cycling line, along the canal cycling line, slow life city cycling, Sanjiang fishing village cycling, tea field wild fun cycling, challenge self cycling, Xinsha Island cycling and other senior customized itinerary schemes designed by senior designers, which are more exclusive, deeper and more free.

04 all the way guarantee: you can ride at ease.

Just take a panoramic view of the scenery and humanistic atmosphere along the way.

We will escort you throughout the whole process, so that you can play every scenic spot safely and carefree.

We can set the destination farther, so that you can keep more physical strength on the suburban cycling of essence; Even if you are tired and paralyzed, there are still cars that can quickly return to your residence before dark.

“4 + 2” allows you to ride farther and have more fun.

Professional lead riding, guard riding, tail riding, technicians and team leaders provide considerate services, provide supplies and ensure safe riding 05 equipment resources: there are hundreds of Jieante bicycles and other equipment rental, and many guarantee vehicles; Select every hotel home stay and wanghong hotel to enjoy the best service experience.

Select local specialties.

Housekeeper style 1-to-1 service, with enjoyment of life.

06 service rental price: car rental cost: 150 yuan / person (provide 1 bicycle and 1 helmet) peripheral rental cost: front and rear lamps: Cost: 10 yuan / set (necessary supplies for night travel) support vehicle: SUV (including driver, suitable for 2-4 people riding team) cost: 600 yuan / vehicle (including driver and fuel) Quanshun (including driver, transportation vehicle and logistics support, suitable for 2-6 people riding team) cost: 1000 yuan / vehicle (including driver and fuel) Vehicle transportation fee: Fee: 500 yuan / vehicle (including round-trip and fuel, which is only limited to Hangzhou City).

If you need to purchase the transportation fee outside Hangzhou (optional): headscarf: 58 yuan / bottle: 28 yuan / glove: 138 yuan / side note: if you only need to rent a vehicle, please reply to “single vehicle rental” on wechat official account.

Long press the QR code to follow the official account of yiqihi, which will take you to explore the unknown with wheels [service content] the cycling tour group will build and expand the exclusive customized event activities for bicycle rental parent-child activities..