Cycling enthusiasts see that in early autumn, in Shanxi, they ride like this

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Thank you for your support! Source of the article: after the beginning of autumn at Taiyuan radio and television station, Shanxi is very suitable for cycling.

The air is cool, the sky is bright, and the clouds are hanging in the blue canvas like oil paintings.

The sun shines on every corner of the city.

The ancient city is inlaid with Phnom Penh, waiting for cyclists to slowly explore.

The trees are mottled to form a natural barrier.

The autumn wind blows on people, making them feel refreshed.

Early autumn has come, It’s sunny and clear.

A happy ride in such a season is definitely an indispensable ceremony for many people to welcome autumn.

In fact, there are also many riding routes in the province.

Today, I’d like to recommend some of the most classic routes with music suitable for riding.

Let’s ride together! Cycling route: Taiyuan riverside bicycle lane Taiyuan riverside bicycle lane is set along the East and west sides of Fenhe River.

It starts from the overflow bridge of shanglanfen River in the north and ends at 2km south of Yingbin bridge in the south.

With a total length of 75KM, it is a rare riverside landscape road with a length of more than 50km in China.

The riverside bicycle path is equipped with entrances and exits at many intersections along the way, bicycle parking points and shared bicycle rental points.

Get on your own bike, or sweep a shared bike, and you can enter the lane to start your cycling journey.

The colorful Lane gives people a lift.

Riding on the bright road makes them feel light.

On both sides of the road are Fenhe Park and Binhe East and West roads.

Walking through them, you can see green trees and cool breeze; Bow your head and see the flowers in full bloom.

In this situation, people almost forget that they are in the downtown.

The road is in the scenery, and the scenery is in the road.

The water surface of Fenhe River is sparkling, and the cyclists are full of energy.

When you ride on the bicycle lane to view the scenery, you are the person in the scenery.

When you ride, you integrate with nature and interpret the beauty of the world.

Linfen Fenhe park route Linfen Fenhe park is located on the Bank of the Fenhe River in the urban area, facing the “old city of lying cattle” in the East, Hexi New City in the west, the “family flood cave” in the north and the “GENZU Xiangfen” in the south.

Although there is no professional bicycle lane here, most roads in the park can be cycled, and the cycling facilities are relatively complete.

The 15 public bicycle rental stations in the park can provide 300 bicycles.

People can apply for a car rental card in advance when renting a vehicle, which is very convenient.

When you get on your bike, you can ride along the Fen River first.

Unlike the Fenhe bicycle lanes in other cities, the bicycle lanes here are closer to the water surface of the Fenhe River.

When riding, the wind blows across the Fenhe River, rippling, and then brushing your skin.

It briefly intersects with you and then leaves.

Raising your head slightly, you can see the open water.

In the distance, there is the same open opposite bank.

There are no high-rise buildings blocking your view.

In this situation, if you kick hard for a while, you can leave all your troubles behind.

In this open grassland and on the water, what remains is only the cleansed soul.

There are sports and leisure areas in the park, including Incorruptible Culture Square, cuiyunjian, Fenshui ancient charm, Kyushu square, etc., which are all worth seeing.

You can also visit the cultural and art district and receive artistic edification in leisure.

Lingshi Cuifeng park route Lingshi Cuifeng park is located on the Cuifeng mountain in the southeast of Lingshi County, Jinzhong City.

It rises from the Fenhe River and Jingsheng River Valley.

The mountain is not high, but it looks majestic and magnificent.

It is called “Cuifeng towering”.

Start from luziping on the south side of the park, ride north along 004 Township Road, enjoy the scenery along the edge of the scenic area, and enter Cuifeng park scenic area.

You can ride in the scenic area.

This section of the cycling area is not high in altitude, close to the urban area, less difficult to ride, and the road section is short, which is very suitable for the whole family to travel.

Find a sunny afternoon, take your other half and your child, ride along the periphery of the park, talk about the fun things that happen in your child’s school, and bathe in the sun with the breeze.

It’s very pleasant.

The scenery in the park is unique.

After riding in the park, you can stop to take photos and record the beautiful moments of riding.

There are abundant vegetation in the park.

In autumn, chrysanthemums are in bloom, Chinese roses and Jasmine are still in bloom, and more than 100 kinds of flowers such as Nanyang wood and Japanese Begonia are worth sniffing.

Tired of riding, get off and walk, enjoy the beautiful things around, flowers, trees, buildings and people around.

Wutai Mountain Scenic Area, also known as Qingliang mountain, is located in the northeast of Wutai County, Xinzhou City.

It’s very cool here in early autumn.

As a riding route, the road up the mountain is not suitable.

The uphill slope is too steep and has sharp curves, which makes riding dangerous.

However, the road along the mountain at the foot of Wutai Mountain is flat and has a wide view.

The autumn scenery along the way is excellent, which is suitable for cycling.

You can choose to start from youfangwan village on the south side of Wutai Mountain and go west along 128 county road to Lingjing Township People’s government, with a total length of 7 kilometers.

Riding at the foot of Wutai Mountain, the humid mountain wind came to us, as if we had come to the south, but there was no heat in the south.

Cattle roam along the roadside, even lying down on the road, occupying the road, but still staring at you innocently with big watery eyes and long eyelashes.

On both sides of the road, there are colorful daisies, dandelions the size of table tennis balls and other wild flowers, as if stars were scattered among the grass.

As long as you get off the bus, you can smell the fragrance of these “stars”.

Suddenly, the magpie flies over the head.

Looking up, the cluster of clouds is as white as the skirt of a princess.

The sky is clear and blue.

The sunlight passes through the clouds to form a clear tintal beam, which is a difficult sight to see in the city.

Not far away are the mountains and green trees.

The sun shines through the trees and reflects mottled light and shadow in the forest and grassland.

The speed of riding must not be too fast, otherwise you will miss the silly behavior of the little squirrels at the edge of the forest, and may scare away the foxes looking for food.

Changzhi Taihang Grand Canyon route Changzhi Taihang Grand Canyon is located in the southeast of Huguan County, Changzhi City, at the eastern foot of the South Taihang.

It is one of the ten most beautiful grand canyons in China, covering an area of 225 square kilometers..