Cycling enthusiasts ask for money on the streets of Tengzhou

On the morning of January 19, 2022, the rescue management section received the relevant notice from the Research Office of the bureau about the network information office of the publicity department.

At the junction of Datong South Road and Qingpi Avenue, a self proclaimed cyclist asked for money and material assistance from pedestrians at this intersection because he ran out of money and material.

After receiving the notice, the rescue management section rushed to the scene at the first time and found no such person near the designated location.

We immediately made a patrol plan along the street and found the comrade at the intersection of TASI road and Jiefang Road at 12 noon.

It is said that he is from Guizhou and a cycling enthusiast.

He has run out of money.

The staff asked whether he needs assistance.

He replied that he did not accept any assistance from the assistance management section.

After the patient and meticulous persuasion of the staff, he has contacted his family and paid the money, and the comrade has left by himself.

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