Cycling diary, the 132nd day of chasing dreams~

1、 A few days ago, I rode a hundred kilometers a day.

Many people in the comment area thought I was rich and free, so I had so much time to ride a bike.

Of course, I am far from wealth and freedom.

But now there is more time.

That’s why I thought of this challenge, but after riding for a few days, I still felt a little waste of time, so I stopped.

There is a problem with this car now.

The front wheels are quick to disassemble and easy to loosen.

It looses almost every 25 kilometers.

You need to check and tighten it.

Otherwise, I’m afraid the front wheel will fall off halfway.

Of course, the probability is still not, because once it loosened badly and felt like it was about to fall off, but I was fine after I rode 20 kilometers home.

Therefore, riding a long distance is a little expensive.

I ride 100 kilometers and need to get out of the car and tighten the front wheel several times.

Remove it quickly.

Although this is a little annoying, it also gives me more opportunities to contact and understand various parts of the bike.

Can better use the bike.

Before, I didn’t dare to disassemble the parts of the car casually, because I was afraid that it would be damaged, I couldn’t do it well, and the roadside repairman didn’t understand, so it would be a little troublesome.

2、 Save money to buy Golf goal: Earn 100W from scratch, and then buy a favorite car for yourself.

The time is set to be achieved within two to three years.

(the content is still in revision) on the 132nd day, I saved 00 yuan today (everything has just begun ~) III.

challenge riding for 1000 days (20 kilometers a day in the first stage) in order to keep fit and maintain a good physical state, because there is an old saying: the body is the capital of revolution.

This is a protracted battle, so we must keep our body healthy and energetic in order to continue the battle.

4、 Plus wechat that private wechat wants to know: afan202068 believes in dreams and the power of faith.

Believe that everything is possible ~..