[Cycling Competition] The first Anhui “Wanmei Mountains and Rivers” Cycling Competition (Shitai Station) and the first China Shitai Road

On November 20, the first Anhui “Wanmei Mountains and Rivers” Cycling Race (Shitai Station) and the first China Shitai Road Cycling Open Race opened in Dalongwan Scenic Area, Jitan Township, our county.

Qin Xu, member of the Party Leadership Group and Deputy Director of the Provincial Sports Bureau, Cao Xia, Deputy Mayor, Xu Jiefang, Deputy Secretary General of the Municipal Government, Hu Xuehui, Director of the Municipal Bureau of Education and Sports, Jin Wu, Secretary of the County Party Committee, Zhang Yong, Deputy Secretary of the County Party Committee and Head of the County, Shi Daoliang, Director of the Standing Committee of the County People’s Congress, Ge Weimin, Chairman of the County CPPCC, and other provincial, municipal and county leaders attended the opening ceremony.

The competition was hosted by the Sports Bureau of Anhui Province and the People’s Government of Chizhou City.

Focusing on the theme of “green, humanistic and healthy”, and based on the positioning of “selenium rich and oxygen negative original ecology”, it set up four competition groups, namely, men’s road elite group, men’s mountain elite group, men’s mountain master group, and women’s mountain group, and one riding group, which not only covered the highest level athletes in the province, but also attracted many riding enthusiasts, Ride together in the most beautiful mountain village and share selenium rich and negative oxygen.

Competitor Chen Weiquan: “After coming here, we mainly enjoy the competition, and the other is to enjoy the nature and the enthusiasm of the people in Shitai.” Competitor Sun Peipei: “In our cycling track, there are mountains and water, like a picture, which is very, very beautiful.” Competitor Ye Xiaohong: “The track of Shitai is 38 kilometers long, and the route is very good.

It seems very simple on the whole, but it is actually a little difficult.

It tests one’s perseverance, and the people along the way are very enthusiastic.

Then our tired hearts feel very warm.” Contestant Cheng Long: “Because we have already come here to play once last week, and this competition happened to meet the same place again, we will definitely recommend friends to come here to travel frequently.” Source: Comprehensive report editor of Shitai County Rong Media Center: Wang Hui Reviewed by: Meng Fan Bingjiang Xuefei Supervised by: Jiewen Public Service Advertising Exhibition..