[Cycling Class · Experience Class] November 12, 2023 Spring | Cycling · Challenge Class Experience Class

Yueqiu Classroom · Children’s Outdoor Education Click “Yueqiu Classroom” below the title to pay attention to us and start your ride to see the world.

Yueqiu Classroom mainly focuses on riding courses and outdoor courses.

Children’s outdoor education institutions are committed to helping young people explore outdoors more qualitatively, go outside, learn from nature, and learn from nature, John Kennedy, President of the United States, said that there is no more simple happiness than riding a bicycle.

A group of people ride happily in Guangdong.

We ride in spring and autumn.

We ride in mountains and rivers and experience the wind After the rain, I rode through the rough and bumpy childhood.

On November 12, 2022, I rode in Nansha, Huangshan, and Lu.

In the spring of 2023, I rode in the challenge class “Cantonese golf class, riding experience class…

Nansha station”, Go riding with your friends in Nansha ▲ Previous Nansha Cycling 01 About riding courses, riding courses are different from single camp activities.

Our riding courses and hiking courses are linked with each other with curriculum plans and goals, fixed time and systems.

We advocate learning self compiled textbooks, multiple projects, and multiple experiences to improve the core character of students, Core competence is our responsibility ▲ guiding reflective education.

We hope that children can feel the fun of sports by exercising in riding classes.

We hope that children can learn by playing with Yueqiu, grow up in learning, and constantly discover and grow up in riding, Be a Better Person ▲ Outdoor Education 02 About Outdoor Education Outdoor education is to provide children with the opportunity to experience nature by themselves with nature as the carrier, so that children can directly gain life experience in the experience of nature, thus promoting the comprehensive development of body, mind and personality ▲ Trainees in outdoor cycling 03 Benefits of cycling for children Cycling is one of the most popular aerobic sports, which is beneficial to the physical and mental health and development of children; Riding can effectively improve children’s motor coordination and reaction sensitivity; Cycling is a great outdoor sport, which can let children get away from electronic products and return to nature.

Learn to face setbacks and build self-confidence in the failure and success of cycling practice; Riding is a sport that tests children’s willpower and quality, and it can exercise children’s perseverance; Cycling is a great group sport, which enables children to learn how to live with partners with different personalities, participate in collective action and exercise their social skills from an early age; The whole family participated in riding together, established a social circle, and enjoyed happy family time.

04 Experience class environment.

This riding experience class came to the beautiful Nansha.

In Guangzhou, the nearest urban area to the sea is not Nansha District, but the coastal area of Nansha District, facing Lingdingyang, Weitian, sandbars and islands; The forests, hills and seaports are strung like beads by Nansha’s “Drunken Beauty” Greenway to become a beautiful land necklace.

The Nansha Park Greenway is like a ribbon, connecting the changing city and the vibrant nature.

Children can not only feel the charm of Nansha, but also learn knowledge and harvest fun in riding.

CURRENCY · Course Highlights · 113km Park Greenway, Different Riding Roads: Riding “Overlooking” the Sea and Watching the Lingdingyang Sea, Feeling the Magnificent Challenge of a Riding 2.

Learning in the Pearl River History Classroom during the Riding, learning about the geography of the Pearl River Basin and the history of the Lingdingyang Sea 3.

Learning by playing outdoor games, interacting with sports games, and looking for the fun of childhood in nature 4.

Riding training, knowing the team, establishing rules Challenge Yourself and Deepen the Consciousness of Team Consciousness, Rules and Consciousness in Riding Experience 5.

Being outdoors on the tip of your tongue.

To really understand outdoor learning and use outdoor equipment is a required course.

This time, we will complete an outdoor picnic experience CURRENCY · Course itinerary · 09:00-09:30: Sign in (subway or self driving) 09:00-09:30: team ice breaking and warm-up; 09:30-10:15: advanced riding skills training; 10: 15-12:00: Riding uphill challenge; 12:00-13:00: make lunch and play group games; 13: 00-14:00: cross-country riding; 14: 00-15:00: Pearl River History Course; 15: 00-16:30: Race around the lake; 16: 30-17:00: share the knowledge and experience learned in one day with the small partners; ▲ The teacher will adjust the schedule according to the actual situation CURRENCY · Course registration · Registration method [Activity time]: November 12 [Activity cost]: 120 new students/388 old students [Gathering place]: after the establishment of the group, notice [Registration requirements]: basic cycling, age above 9 1 Redirect the link with the text: “Guangdong Ball Class · Riding Experience Class | Huangshan Lu Station, Riding along the coast, learning the history of the Pearl River, and exercising the quality of perseverance.

Here we come!”.

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This activity is our company’s [Cycling Class Experience Class] series of activities.

Basic cycling is required.

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