Cycling chapter 𞓜 the second spring of campus safety guide is coming! Little letter brings you to check~

What is the most popular means of transportation we have seen on campus? The answer must be that trams, as a light and fast means of transportation, are very popular on university campuses.

Two people ride a tram together to avoid being late for school.

After school, they rush to the canteen to show off their food.

It sounds very common and beautiful.

But have you known about the potential safety hazards of trams? In recent weeks, the insurance institute has made it clear that the tram can not take two people at the same time.

Most of the electric vehicles we buy in the university are non motor vehicles.

According to the regulations for the implementation of the road traffic safety law of the people’s Republic of China, on the premise of ensuring safety, we can carry a minor under the age of 12, and no more than one person on other roads.

In other cases, we are not allowed to carry people.

Whether the electric vehicle is carrying people or objects, once overloaded, it is easy to change the center of gravity of the electric vehicle, which can easily lead to unstable front and ineffective braking.

It is difficult for cyclists to master the balance.

In case of an emergency, out of control braking is very easy to cause traffic accidents.

Taking the road of Baoding University as an example, we can see the degree of crowd on the road from school to school.

It is not easy to master the balance when riding an electric car in an open place.

Coupled with the weight of the second person in the back seat, it is actually very dangerous.

Apart from the problem of carrying people, more attention should also be paid to the storage of trams and the fire safety of trams.

Here are some precautions for the use of trams: 01 purchase and use qualified electric bicycles, chargers and batteries produced by regular manufacturers, maintain them regularly, and do not modify them without authorization.

02 electric vehicles shall be parked in a safe place.

It is strictly prohibited to park in staircases, evacuation passages and emergency exits.

It is not allowed to occupy the passage of fire engines.

(our school has a special storage place for electric vehicles, which is responsible for standardized parking.) 03 it is strictly forbidden to charge in the corridor, stairwell, evacuation passage, etc.

the charging should be carried out outdoors to ensure that there are no combustibles around.

Try to charge at the centralized charging point.

Do not pull wires privately to prevent short circuit.

Summer is coming soon.

Try not to use electric vehicles continuously for a long time in high temperature weather to prevent circuit failure and fire caused by high line temperature, motor heating and other factors.

In order for us to enjoy the convenience of trams safely on campus, we must consciously standardize the use of trams to create a harmonious and safe campus environment.