Cycling can be said to be the secret of cycling

Here, we will make no reservation and dedication to healthy cycling.

1 discussion on the appropriate speed of moderate intensity aerobic cycling intensity is the core.

Medium intensity aerobic cycling for a long time is the most common means of bicycle exercise.

It is very important to control the appropriate speed (intensity).

If the riding speed is too slow, the exercise effect is poor, and the riding speed is too fast, aerobic exercise becomes mixed or even anaerobic exercise, It may cause excessive fatigue or sports injury.

Heart rate is one of the important indicators of intensity monitoring.

Recently, on the basis of studies at home and abroad, a cycling study conducted by Shanghai Institute of physical education for young people aged 20-30 found that when men rode at 15 and 18 km / h, the average heart rate was 121 and 139 beats / min, reaching 61% and 70% of the maximum heart rate respectively, and when women rode at 13 and 15 km / h, the average heart rate was 121 and 135 beats / min, reaching 61% and 68% of the maximum heart rate respectively, It is proposed that 15-18km / h for men and 13-15km / h for women can be used as the reference standard of medium intensity aerobic riding speed for ordinary young people for a long time.

Of course, people with light weight and poor cardiopulmonary function should choose the lower limit, and the elderly should be treated differently.

2 recommendation of equal intensity aerobic cycling exercise program foreign studies have found that 1050kcal energy consumption per week can reduce the mortality caused by various factors by 20-30%.

Taking the research of Shanghai Institute of physical education as an example, on the premise of no additional activities, men and women ride at the speed of 18km / h and 15km / h respectively, 30 minutes a day and 5 days a week, the proportion of men whose weekly energy consumption reaches 1050kcal is 84.6%, that is, most men meet the requirements of fitness exercise, while none of women reaches 1050kcal.

Therefore, It is suggested that women can make up for it by appropriately prolonging the riding time.

A healthy riding plan includes intensity, time, frequency and exercise cycle, and follows the principle of step-by-step and individual differences.

Taking a 65kg male college student as an example, according to the calculation of riding for 5 days a week, it can consume about 200kcal of energy every day, which can produce a better fitness effect.

According to the research results, if the riding speed is 15km / h, it takes 32 minutes to consume 200kcal energy, and if the riding speed is 18km / h, it takes 25 minutes.

In order to optimize the fitness effect, according to the activity time recommended by the American Academy of sports medicine (ACSM) and the American Center for Disease Control (CDC), if no other exercise content is arranged, it is recommended that each riding time be at least 30 minutes, The smaller the intensity, the longer the time, and each cycle lasts at least 2-3 months.

Another survey shows that most cyclists aged 20-29 in Shanghai ride bicycles for 5 days or more a week, with a riding speed of about 15km / h and a riding time of about 25 minutes.

Theoretically, they can achieve the effect of fitness exercise, but the actual effect is affected by road conditions, safety, climate, environment and other factors.

The research shows that the training benefits obtained by athletes can decline in two weeks after stopping training, such as the reverse changes of cardiopulmonary function, energy metabolism and skeletal muscle metabolism, and these changes are more obvious with the extension of stopping training time.

The general population can obtain certain health benefits through a small amount of cycling exercise, but, like athletes, once they stop exercising, this health benefit will be reversed soon.

Therefore, when cycling for exercise, we must also maintain the habit of long-term exercise and truly become a part of life.