Cycling, camping, theme parks… outdoor projects like Xiaoshan are on the municipal list! Have you ever experienced it?

The three-day 2022 Hangzhou Outdoor Leisure Tourism Festival is in full swing.

In the previous popularity list selection, Xiaoshan Sanqingyuan Outdoor Sports Park, Daicun Forest Riding Path, Funxiang Lake CAMPING, Muxin Island RV Holiday Camp and other outdoor projects have won awards.

Let’s have a look! Award 2 Hangzhou Popular Outdoor Theme Park Sanqing Garden Outdoor Sports Park Sanqing Garden Outdoor Sports Park is located in Sanqing Garden, Daicun Town, Xiaoshan District, with convenient transportation.

It is 5 minutes away from the Times Elevated Road (under Dailin Road).

It has beautiful environment, sound supporting facilities, and many travel experience projects.

It is the preferred destination for group building expansion, parent-child play, and sports and leisure tourism.

In the park, there are more than 20 sports and leisure projects, such as speed kart, children’s off-road vehicle, colorful slide, high-altitude border crossing, rock climbing, archery, sniper shooting, coffee tumbler, hurricane flying chair, children’s high-altitude, rope, pit dad roller coaster, trampoline, and cloud jumping.

There are all kinds of local stoves, barbecues, and table meals.

Award 2 Recommended Route for Hangzhou Leisure Cycling Daicun Forest Cycling Road Daicun Forest Cycling Road is located in the Shiniu Mountain Forest Park in Yunshi Ecotourism Resort, Daicun Town, with an average altitude of 400 meters.

It is interconnected with the national hiking trails.

Cherry blossoms, green peach, red plum and other flowering trees are planted along the line, connecting many famous scenic spots such as Nuwa Patching the Sky, Yunmen Ancient Temple, Xiangtian Bamboo Wind, Tianshi Flying Waterfall and so on.

The total length of the cycling road is 20 kilometers, which is composed of one main line and several auxiliary lines.

The 5G communication base stations are arranged in advance to ensure the information interconnection between the mountain and the mountain.

Adhere to the integration of functional and landscape construction, and set up supporting facilities such as post stations, rest platforms, viewing corridors and pavilions, parking spaces, so as to make it a clock in point for cyclists.

Award 2 Hangzhou Popular Camping Base CAMPING Camping Site CAMPING (Yuewang Road) is located on the lawn to the west of Shuijie Street and the east of Sailing Base.

It is committed to creating an exquisite parent-child camping site at the front of your home.

It is comfortable and fun, and has zero distance contact with nature.

It can go out of the confined space, breathe fresh air, and awaken your sleeping free soul! The CAMPING (Meishan Road) campsite in Xianghu Lake is equipped with 5000 ㎡ outdoor music camp, coffee, snacks, music and other facilities, which can satisfy your taste buds and soul.

Muxin Island RV Holiday Camp Muxin Island RV Holiday Camp is located in the central area of Xianghu National Tourist Resort, about 10 minutes from Xianghu Metro Station, with convenient transportation.

The camp is equipped with 22 recreational vehicles, 5 water wooden houses, and 2 wild luxury tents to provide special camping accommodation experience.

At the same time, there are ecological restaurants, starry sky room boxes, music and leisure bars, water sports docks, multi-function activity halls, sunshine lawns, exquisite camping tents, etc.

to meet the needs of accommodation, catering, leisure vacations, party parties, enterprise group building, brand publishing, camp education and many other needs.

Muxin Island will have special theme activities every month, such as spring kite season, summer polar water playing season, and magic frisbee season, which follow the changes of the four seasons and also follow up popular projects in a timely manner.

At the same time, it also supports fixed activities with camp characteristics, such as wilderness handcraft, BC courses, bonfire New Year’s Eve, etc.

Yuxian Mountain Campsite Yuxian Mountain Campsite is located in Sanqing Garden, Dai Village.

It focuses on camping parties with bags and games.

You don’t need heavy equipment.

You just need to be light.

There are barbecue hotpots, band singers, bonfire parties, and professional photographers to follow, so that you can breathe freely in the forest and feel the charm of nature.

From Monday to Friday, the camp can hold group activities such as baby feast, proposal, product promotion, etc.

On weekends, there will be different monthly theme activities in the afternoon, providing afternoon tea and dinner, and a small fireworks show after nightfall.

In addition, there will be special events with different themes in different festivals.

Qingmuzhai Campsite Qingmuzhai Campsite is located in Evolution Town, about an hour’s drive from Hangzhou urban area.

It covers an area of 60 mu, including 50 mu of water area.

The camp is surrounded by mountains on three sides and a lake on one side.

The air is fresh and the environment is beautiful.

Projects carried out in the camp include luxury camping, leisure afternoon tea, self-service barbecue, open-air movies, bonfire party, outdoor survival camp education, water sports canoeing, leisure fishing, etc.

At present, there are 16 bag type camping tents and public facilities such as shower room, wife, parking lot, etc.

Carry out characteristic outdoor survival education, outdoor sports, natural education and other courses to meet the needs of family users.

Usually, if you have seen too much steel and cement, you should go outdoors and get close to nature.

Go to these places to relax! Source/Editor of Xiaoshan Culture and Tourism Department/Editor in charge of Xu Jing/Reviewed by Qiu Fang/Liu Binyun>>>You may want to see a new case of asymptomatic COVID-19 infection in Hangzhou from 6 to 21 November 5.

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