Cycling around the island? More efforts are needed

Cycling around the island? Still need to work hard.

1 in Taiwan, cycling around the island is very popular.

In Taiwan, cycling around the island is very popular.

I always wanted to ride when I had a chance, so when I visited Taidong, I took a ride.

In the morning, we set out with our companions in the urban area.

We planned to ride all the way to brown Avenue and then come back.

As a result, our companions felt too hard after riding to chulu ranch, so they gave up, and I began my great journey alone.

First of all, my equipment is like this, women’s bike! Skirt! Yes, I turned back 100% all the way! In this way, under the sun’s father-in-law’s warm caress (Shai) and the breeze (always blowing me back), I set out with great momentum.

God knows where I got the courage (wangchiyao).

In Penan, I saw Sakyamuni planted on both sides of the road.

I saw Sakyamuni growing on a tree for the first time! Jump out of the car and take a picture.

The Sakya tree in Taitung.

The Sakya in Taitung is the most famous in Taiwan.

The Sakya in Taitung is the most famous in Taiwan, and it is also processed into various foods.

You can have a good taste.

I rode all the way to chulu ranch.

I didn’t ride in.

I continued to go downhill from a mountain.

It was super exciting.

The only downhill road in the whole journey was so refreshing.

It’s Luye all the way.

I just met some boys riding around the island and asked them to take a picture.

The only picture in the whole process must be kept…

After shooting, they cheer me up and ride slowly! come on.

Then he rode away and disappeared.

Continue to ride.

There are places where birds don’t lay eggs.

For example, generally, cars, motorcycles and bicycles pass by on these roads.

They are professional cyclists, only me!!! Refresh my return rate! I didn’t want to ride to Luye high platform.

I went all the way north.

It was about 1:00 noon at that time.

I had been riding for four or five hours since 8:00 in the morning.

I was thinking about life all the way.

Do you really want to give up!!! A girl, riding a broken bike, on the deserted road, I can feel that people passing by want to ask: Mushroom cool! Is there anything you can’t think of??? Moreover, when I went to the bathroom on 7-11 at noon, ash often was pleasantly surprised to find that the holiday came! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Please give me a close-up of five million people in China! Continue to ride to Guanshan and see a bus station.

I think, do you want to take a ride back here? Just check the car back, and then I’ll look at the map, eh? It seems to be Blanc soon.

Then keep riding! So set out again, ride and ride, ride and ride! Why not? I crossed the mountain, I climbed the bridge, and I didn’t see any birds.

Hey, forget it, ride slowly! No matter what, ride as far as you can.

If you can’t, take a ride back to the pool.

Suddenly! When I saw a brand, the surprise came so suddenly that I was not excited.

I rode in and looked at it.

In fact, there was nothing good at all!!! Just because Takeshi Kaneshiro made an advertisement under this tree, it became a popular tree inexplicably.

As a non Star chaser, I rode away in less than five minutes.

However, the endless rice fields are still very beautiful.

It reminds me that I’m sorry, it’s not Daoxiang.

It’s the autumn harvest every year.

My family goes to buy other people’s rice and then grind it into rice.

It tastes full of fragrance.

Woo woo! If my parents knew that I was riding for a long time to see the rice field, they would be happy!!! After watching the rice field, he went to chishang city.

It was more than 3 p.m.

at that time.

Considering time and physical strength, he went to the railway station to buy tickets and transport himself and his car back to the city.

The six o’clock bus is completely dark outside.

It’s not a holiday train.

One person dominates a carriage.

So far, my great journey has been successfully completed.

It is about 60 kilometers along the tai9 line from Taidong urban area to Huadong zonggu highway in chishang.

I started at about 8 a.m.

and arrived at the station at about 4 p.m.

before leaving the urban area, I went to see the aboriginal cultural and creative industry tribe, Tiedao Art Village and Peinan Cultural Park.

At that time, I was still in a vigorous period, Stop to have a look when you see anything.

When you get to the back, you don’t even bother to take photos.

You like to look at them, and they are all roads.

Don’t want to take photos at all!!! On the road, I want to slap myself several times.

Why ride? It doesn’t matter.

Why don’t you prepare your pants in advance and rent a good bike.

I really doubt life all the way.

However, when I really finished riding, I had a little regret in my heart.

My God! Why did you arrive so soon? Riding, especially when you are alone, really tests your willpower and physical strength.

Needless to say, if you really want to ride around the island, you should exercise well.

Although you don’t do strength training on weekdays, there are still some aerobic exercises, so you can afford to ride for half a day.

The second point is that if you really plan to ride, it’s best to have at least one companion ride together and cheer on each other.

A person is really tested.

Those who can ride alone are cruel characters! Don’t mess with me! Third, when you ride through villages, that is, more prosperous places, you must seize the opportunity to eat and drink, because the next village may take a long time to arrive.

There will be more convenience stores in Taiwan than in the mainland.

Finding 7-11 or the whole family can basically solve the problem of eating, drinking and Lhasa..