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In 1952, Che Guevara, a 23 year old medical student, and his 29 year old friend Alberto Granada set out from Buenos Aires in January, riding the “Hercules” motorcycle to travel around the Americas.

They hoped to explore Latin America that they could only learn from books at that time.

During the journey, they witnessed the injustice of society, the exploited workers, the persecuted Communists, the ostracized lepers, and the defeated Inca descendants…

In 2022, 23 year old Spanish student Yan Kaijie left PUCALLPA, Peru, alone, on September 20, riding the Yamaha R15V3, and embarked on the journey around Peru.

I’m Yan Kaijie, a 23 year old young man.

After leaving school and working with full calculation for 11 months, I decided to travel around Peru to find my own distance.

I clearly remember that when I was in the third year of senior high school, I dreamed that one day I could take a trip anytime and anywhere, with no purpose and no destination…

Five years later, I did it.

With their own freedom.

Why write and cut at the beginning Guevara, because many years ago, I saw the movie “Motorcycle Diary” and the introduction of the Cuban foreign teacher Guevara has a certain understanding.

Although today has long been different from the past, the era of turbulence is gone forever, and the world is peaceful.

Heroes in the passage of time, into history, but the spirit is eternal.

Apart from the known nuclear fusion, what is the most powerful force in the world? The answer is spiritual power.

A man without spirit, like a walking corpse, is rotten.

If a person has a spirit, even if it is eroded by wind and sand, his soul, like a diamond, will never be erased.

The most impressive sentence in the film is: “HAYQUEMANDARLAMUERTEALCARAJO”, which means that death must be trampled underfoot.

This is a sentence that was used to encourage leprosy patients.

At that time, I had no contact with Spanish and did not realize its meaning.

With the growth of experience, the breadth of knowledge, gradually understand.

Now that we understand, we should do it.

It is called the unity of knowledge and practice.

Only when a person really becomes a person under a certain environment, what he has to face is his own, including hunger, cold, fear, excitement, gratification, touching, tears, roaring, laughing…

all the known emotions of human beings.

At that time, mountains are not mountains, and water is not water.

So, what gave me so much courage to be an orphan and find a meaning that I don’t even know? It is confidence.

Of course, confidence is not enough.

In reality, communication ability, economic ability, physical fitness and other hardware conditions need to be considered.

With confidence and ideological and material preparation, we can try.

How can we know if we can do it without trying? Before setting out, I was prepared to face all possible unexpected situations.

Although we are prepared mentally, in the face of unexpected situations, the specific handling ability, psychological endurance and anti pressure ability will actually test whether we are prepared.

My answer is no, such as tears during the night walk, feelings of powerlessness when in need of help, solutions in cold and hungry situations, and so on are bloody lessons.

So what does this mean? Again, I have to feel shallow on the paper.

I absolutely know that this matter should be practiced.

Practice is the only criterion for testing truth.

Take away the young and hot blooded age.

As an adult, you need to have basic thinking ability, judgment ability and contingency ability.

Of course, I can’t really leave without thinking about anything.

That’s the life vision outlined by the writer.

Real life and vision are two different or even opposite things.

So let’s just say that when looking up at the starry sky, you should also be down-to-earth.

A friend asked you what the significance of running for so many days is? I said it was meaningless.

No meaning, then what is the meaning? This is my own experience.

I am most aware of my most direct feelings in all situations.

I really can’t say what you want me to say for a while, and feelings also need to be brewed.

The first feeling is often not objective and has little reference value, because it is affected by emotions, environment and other aspects.

Therefore, precipitation is needed, but the premise of precipitation is experience.

Good and evil.

The main feeling of this trip is the contest between good and evil.

For example, my wallet was robbed, for example, a motorcycle friend gave a helping hand in time of need, for example, I crashed a car, for example, I got a feeling of harvest…

So it is impossible to simply and one-sided judge good and evil.

It is also mentioned before that we should look at the problem from the perspective of God, take ourselves out, and let the formula man outweigh the problem.

The conclusion drawn in this way is more objective and has reference value.

Story and audience.

This trip is not over yet.

There are many stories.

In these stories, I am the leading role, and the audience is here.

No matter whether you listen or not, I will tell you, hahaha…

OK, good night!   ANTONIO•GUEVARA.。.