Cycling activities – Dongshan Island Picking & camping picnic this day is coming

When summer is too busy for work and study, it is also a good choice to go to the suburbs for picnic, camping and outing with three or two friends.

Go to see the sun and watch the clouds.

Activity content time: November 27, 2021 departure time: November 27, 2021 9 a.m.

gathering time: total kilometers of Honda wing Suzhou store, No.

93, Weihe Road, Suzhou Industrial Park: estimated 95km itinerary on this day < Suzhou Dongshan > estimated 50km 08:30; Honda wing Suzhou store gathering 09:30; departure to Dongshan 10:30; arrival at Dongshan, picking loquats, camping and picnic at 12:30, Here we are.

Enjoy the sunset at 17:30 p.m.

and pick at 18:00 p.m.

at the end of a day’s picnic camping trip ~ aren’t you excited after reading so much? Can you solve your riding problem? What are you waiting for? Come and scan the QR code below to sign up! Time: May 21, 2022 location: No.

93, Weihe Road, Suzhou park.

Finally, of course, there are some notices to inform you.

Oh ~ activity instructions 1.

This registration fee is 100 yuan (picking fee + insurance)!!! Other expenses AA!! 2.

Please fill in the ID card number when purchasing additional insurance.


Please bring your own safe driving and cycling vehicles for this activity.


Based on safety, the personnel participating in this safe driving activity must wear the following riding equipment: helmet, riding clothes (with protective gear), riding boots, gloves, etc.


Please show your motorcycle driver’s license and ID card at the scene.


In case of rain, the event of force majeure shall be notified separately.

Exemption clause (scroll up and down to see the full text) this activity is a safe driving training activity, but it is dangerous.

In order to clarify the rights, obligations and responsibilities of each participant, please read this Agreement carefully.

1、 I am willing to participate in this event, abide by national laws and regulations and the provisions of this event, obey the management of the organizer, and be a civilized rider.

I guarantee that I have a motorcycle driver’s license of the people’s Republic of China (passed the annual inspection), can skillfully drive a motorcycle and am in good health.

In case of violation of laws, regulations and accidents in the process of participating in the activity, it has nothing to do with the organizer, CO organizer and organizer of the activity.

I am willing to bear all the consequences arising from participating in the activity.

2、 Motorcycle safe driving training activity is a driving technology exchange activity for riders.

It is composed of participants on the principle of voluntary participation and withdrawal, risk and responsibility.

All unpredictable dangers and consequences may occur during the training, including property loss, personal injury and even death.

All participants shall judge and estimate the danger by themselves.

In case of accidents, all participants shall be responsible for their own safety and shall not assume any safety tips, care and custody obligations to other participants.

3、 Participants should take full account of their own physical condition, and actively inform the event organizer of any disease that is not suitable for participating in the training activities.

In order to participate in this activity, the vehicles, facilities and relevant equipment carried by the participants themselves belong to the participants themselves, and all risks and responsibilities of these properties arising from participating in the activity shall also be borne by themselves.

4、 All participants who have reached the age of 18 are considered to have full civil capacity.

If they are under the age of 18, their guardian at the time of their activities is responsible for all their behavior safety.

In case of personal injury in the event, the organization and participants shall not be liable for compensation, and the victim shall solve it according to the law and this statement.

All participants shall be deemed to have accepted this statement.

The organizer and other participants will not be liable for any personal injury suffered by those who sign up on behalf of others.

5、 Participants’ participation in this event is entirely voluntary.

Participants have fully understood and understood the meaning of the terms of this Agreement and relevant legal consequences in advance.

From the time of signature, it means that the agreement takes effect to the end of the event.

6、 The disclaimer must be signed in person, and the person signing on behalf of him shall be deemed to have communicated and authorized, otherwise the person signing on behalf of him shall bear the consequences.

7、 In case of malicious aggression against others or other criminal acts, it is not within the scope of this exemption and must bear corresponding legal liabilities.

8、 Those who participate in this activity agree and accept the organizer’s shooting, production, publicity and promotion of relevant activity contents, including character photos or films.

All public portraits on television, camera, photography, media, etc.

belong to the organizer.

The organizer has the right to use the works taken by the students in the activity venue.

Please carefully read the terms and conditions, and conduct self-discipline according to the contents involved in this letter of responsibility.

👇 For more details, you are welcome to call hongdawing Suzhou’s inquiry chief according to the following sales consultant Tang Tang 18112706303 sales consultant Zhou Weihao 15995725090 sales consultant Zhang Maochao 18550585230 after sales service Li Yongzhi 13912346881 sales negotiation Pei Zengfeng 13961258670 address: room 107, No.

93, Weihe Road, Suzhou Industrial Park..