Cycling activities & cycling 100km around Yunnan + 2022-03

Click the blue word to pay attention to our endless life and continuous sports.

Move forward all the way, feel the charm of nature, the fun of sports, the beauty of life, and the wonderful life.

Ride around Yunnan to challenge ourselves, cheer for Chinese athletes.

Beijing Winter Olympic Games cheer for Chinese athletes.

In the past year, let’s go through together.

Let’s open a new chapter of the year.

Thank you for meeting, thanking you for your company, and keep loving, On September 1, 2018, I went to the mountain and sea to ring Yunnan for the first time.

It was a farewell and a restart of the activity.

Description of the activity content: cycling around Yunnan – cheering Chinese athletes for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games (AA system, non-profit activity) activity time: February 12, 2022 assembly time: Saturday, February 12 , 8:30 (ranging from being late) assembly place: 1.

Entrance / exit b of North Railway Station , 7:202 Dongfeng Square subway station entrance B: 7:403; Haigeng park gate: 8:30; cycling distance: 100km; number of participants: unlimited activity cost: no activity arrangement: 1.

Lunch in Colorful Yunnan Ancient Yunnan City, on-site aa2.

Dinner according to the situation, AA on-site has no friends of bicycles, You can rent a car in advance this evening.

The activity itinerary: Haigeng Park – Huanhu East Road – Huanhu South Road – Gaohai section – Haigeng Park, about 100 kilometers, Expected 10 hour activity leader: Kunming dengxie certification leader difficulty index: ★★★★ landscape index: ★★★ insurance requirements: purchase outdoor insurance activity highlights part01 first night riding around Yunnan without light, experienced tire burst and carrying the car, and finally completed part02 around Yunnan.

At that time, the network red road was not red? Part03 three knights, hey hey, part04 tired to sleep part05 this is a bridge with a story.

If you don’t believe it, go to see part06 beautiful Gesang flower part07 is another track record of part08 around Yunnan.

Personal activity equipment instructions 1.

Bring drinking water, 1L2.

It is recommended to wear cycling clothes, backpacks, knee pads, sunglasses, hats, gloves, magic headscarves and heat preservation cups 3 Bring your own emergency energy food (chocolate, glucose, beef jerky, snacks, etc.) 4.

Bring your own emergency drugs (antipyretic drugs, gastrointestinal drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs, allergy drugs, trauma treatment, etc.) 5.

Eat yourself early and prepare a few snacks 6.

You must wear a helmet 7.

Bring a rain gear (it is strongly recommended to carry a raincoat, not an umbrella) 8 Sunscreen activity time: February 12, 2022 activity cost: no registration method registration deadline: 22:00, February 11, 2022 contact: Jianfeng 18183890480; wechat special requirements require applicants to have no symptoms of fever and cough, no travel history outside the province, abroad and high-risk areas within 14 days, hold green health code and travel code, please bring your own mask, keep an appropriate distance, eat separately or use public chopsticks.

Registration notice 1.

Everyone is equal, whether you are the chairman, or an ordinary employee.

Please participate in the activity based on friendship, fraternity and ensuring personal safety and happiness.

We are not a travel agency and do not provide any form of nanny service.

Do not treat yourself as an uncle or aunt; 2.

Safety first, happiness second, please listen to the goodwill arrangement of the event sponsor and abide by the team discipline; Communicate and exchange any opinions and questions in time.

Do not solicit other participants to change the overall activity process and project according to their own wishes; In the event, all participants set out, act together and return together.

It is strictly prohibited to act independently and leave the team without authorization, and do not greet the initiator of the event; 3.

Please play, communicate and meet with your friends with enthusiasm, love, joy, joy and friendship, and throw away all the unhappy things in life and work; Integrate into the activities.

Don’t talk about work, business and business.

This is not a business negotiation table; 4.

Due to the influence of weather changes, some activities may not be carried out normally.

Please understand.

The initiator of the activity will also adjust the route and project according to the actual situation, and the participants will give more support and understanding; The content and schedule of all activities are based on the voluntary participation of individuals.

The participants who sign up are deemed to agree with and acquiesce in the above regulations and abide by them; 5.

The selection of outdoor travel routes is different from that of routine travel, which is not predictable; 6.

All participants in outdoor activities shall follow the route arranged by the team leader during the process of participating in the activities.

They shall not leave the team or change the itinerary without authorization.

If there is an emergency that needs to adjust the itinerary, they shall discuss with the team leader and obtain approval before taking action; 7.

In the process of marching, we must not stay away from the team, abide by discipline and give full play to team consciousness; In case of dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting and other discomfort symptoms during the activity, you must report to the team leader in time; 8.

Do not litter or destroy vegetation during activities, encourage garbage collection and promote environmental protection; 9.

Before participating in the activity, all group friends must carefully read the activity announcement, fully understand the contents of the announcement, assess the risk of the activity according to their own conditions, confirm that they are in good health, inform their families of the risk and get permission before participating! 10.

There is great uncertainty in outdoor activities.

During the activities, the team leader may have the right to modify the route temporarily and reasonably in order to ensure the safety of the trip, and the increased expenses caused by human force irresistible factors (such as collapse, debris flow, destruction of roads and bridges, national policies, war, plague, traffic control, traffic jam, etc.); Emphasize again: the initiator, team leader and assistant organizer of the event are not nannies.

Please take the initiative and enthusiasm to participate in the event and share all matters of the event with everyone..