Customized riding | go against the wind, let’s find our full attention together!

Our riding class has always been loved by children and parents.

As a popular course that can best exercise children’s concentration and perseverance, the parents of class 303 of huashiyishi have specially customized our riding class.

This time, we completed a determined and free growth riding journey with our children.

8km off-road, we persevere and focus on the front.

This is a brand-new experience.

Focus, perseverance, courage and gain the experience of growth from a brand-new perspective! Go against the wind, we will always be chasing the wind! 01 learn to construct and assemble bicycles.

As a “cyclist”, you need to know more than cycling.

Only by understanding the structure of bicycle and learning to assemble bicycle can we calmly deal with the problems in cycling.

The car handle, saddle, wheel, chain and pedal understand the basic structure of the bicycle under the teacher’s explanation, learn to simply assemble the bicycle, and be prepared.

Even if you encounter difficulties on the way, you can find a way to solve them.

We prepared helmets, knee pads and other equipment to escort the children.

The coach carefully explained the correct use of equipment to each child, so that the child had an understanding of safe riding.

The wearing method of knee and elbow pads, seat adjustment, braking, control of curve process and so on, so that children can easily and safely complete the ride.

02 has been riding on the road.

We are firm and brave.

A hearty ride must be the freedom of the heart and the perseverance of the body.

Riding along the lake, enjoying the scenery along the way and looking forward, the physical and mental freedom is released.

It’s a leisurely journey to ride in nature.

Mountain riding, we try to climb the slope, careful downhill.

Use the knowledge explained by the teacher to seriously face all kinds of road conditions.

When to accelerate, when to decelerate appropriately, and flexibly adjust your operation.

This is a focused route.

Devote yourself to it, overcome the difficulties in riding one by one, have difficulties and achievements, and let children really experience the fun of riding.

Along the way, the children encouraged each other.

With the courage and motivation to persevere in the company and cheering of each other, this is a journey of mutual help.

Break through the self riding journey.

On this road, we saw the perseverance and persistence of the children.

Rest when you are tired, and then continue on the road.

Sweating and fatigue don’t make them say to give up, only persistence and effort! There are occasional ups and downs along the path, through the woods and along the road, but you can also find “surprises” in the next section of the journey.

Enjoy the pleasure of riding.

We are all little “wind chasing teenagers”! Recruitment Information recruitment # details customized object: children / primary school age group (subject to team customization) teacher ratio: 1:5 group.

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