Coswheel, a cool new species of urban cycling (Part 2)

BDD case 65 riding, comfortable wheels flying self “good products are very painful to buy and happy to use; poor products are very happy to buy and painful to use.” This is Hu Ding’s perception of the relationship between product value, price and users’ shopping psychology after starting his business.

In his view, coswheel’s vision of “making the world a better place” is not empty words.

Compared with four-wheel electric passenger vehicles, personal two wheel electric bicycle not only greatly reduces the carbon emission of travel, but also avoids the problems of congestion and time-consuming and difficult parking during peak hours, and eliminates the congestion of buses and subway buses.

It is also the preferred scheme for safe travel during the epidemic.

Hu Ding used his riding experience to verify the “cost”: it takes more than an hour to drive a four wheeled vehicle to and from work, an hour and a half to get stuck in a traffic jam, and the average cost of fuel and parking is nearly 40 yuan a day; It only takes more than 30 minutes to ride coswheel’s two wheeled bicycle.

The power consumption of riding an hour is less than 1 degree.

For budget conscious office workers, it can save more than 30 yuan a day, more than 1000 a month and more than 10000 a year.

Moreover, you can get more sleep for an extra hour from work every day, which is undoubtedly a cost-effective choice to save money and time.

In addition, Hu Ding believes that their original intention is to let young users who have been working all day and are physically and mentally exhausted get a very relaxed and cool feeling when they ride it home from work.

When they ride it for an outing on the weekend, they feel that their quality of life has been greatly improved and have a strong sense of spiritual and psychological satisfaction.

Referring to the origin of the brand name coswheel, Peng Huashun said: “it’s very simple.

It means’ cosy ‘(comfortable) in English.

After removing y, it adds the meaning of wheel -‘ comfortable wheel ‘, which is directly transliterated in Chinese as’ cassiwell’.

We hope to create a beautiful experience for urban white-collar workers to gallop around the city and go home.” However, although coswheel has a good meaning, it is similar to the name of a domestic tire.

FTN is used when the trademark cannot be registered in China, and coswheel is directly used in the European Union and the United States.

Coswheel’s brand goal is to “pursue difference”, always adopt the product design method of cross-border combination, impress users with different differentiation and beautiful experience, and generate empathy with users.

Therefore, they adopted the product orientation of “transportation + fashion products”, integrated various processes and technologies, integrated the team’s long-standing understanding of mechanical aesthetics and component combination into the design of two wheeled electric vehicles, and created a “hybrid” new species between the two categories of motorcycles and bicycles.

This new species, called “E-bike” by coswheel, belongs to the new national standard bicycle because it is a means of transportation with chains.

At the same time, it also has electric auxiliary power.

With its cool appearance, strong and wild characteristics, it is highlighted as a trendy brand in the two wheeled electric vehicle industry.

Its incisive pioneer consciousness greatly meets the pursuit of personalized travel of generation Z users with certain consumption power.

Compared with competing products, most two wheeled electric vehicle brands on the market (such as Emma, Yadi, tailing, Lvyuan, etc.) are based on the traditional scooter variant, which meets the basic living needs of the public for commuting, shopping and taking care of children, but can not meet the preferences of generation Z consumers to publicize their personality and please themselves and others.

Therefore, the three extended their understanding of mechanical structure, parts combination relationship and other elements in their school days to the “overall mechanical sense”, combined with motorcycles and bicycles everywhere on the street, and finally found a new category in the idea of “cross-border models”.

Hu Ding stressed: “it’s not an avant-garde concept car.

We don’t design things that look good but can’t fall to the ground.

We just use our own aesthetic judgment to formulate design principles that meet the requirements of cross-border models, and finally generate a unique design tone.” Models reflect the soul of the brand.

After trial and error in research and development again and again, coswheel gradually clarified its product system and entrepreneurial track, and established unique model characteristics.

At present, the brand mainly has three models on sale: folding car A1, T20 commonly known as “barrel car” and the latest T26 in 2021.

The product system is very clear and concise.

Although the size, function and scene positioning of the three models are different, they have four common elements in the overall design: the frame is strong and strong.

Due to the functional requirements, it is welded with pipes of different diameters and shapes, rather than built with a group of thin pipes like the traditional “bicycle”.

The rear wheel area is equipped with a human drive system composed of chains and pedals, as well as a ternary lithium battery and an optional power distribution electric power system, which is convenient for users to flexibly select speed and power mode based on the requirements of road conditions and traffic regulations during urban commuting and outdoor off-road.

Equipped with wide off-road tires to meet the requirements of users for adaptability to various roads during riding.

220V universal safety charging plug is adopted, which is convenient for users to charge anytime and anywhere.

A1 folding electric vehicle is the first product and famous brand work launched by coswheel in 2016.

It aims to create a practical, convenient, beautiful, fashionable, safe and reliable new way for urban white-collar workers to travel for short distances such as daily commuting and playing.

It won great repercussions immediately after its launch and won the German red dot award of that year.

The “folding up” structure of the electric vehicle is adopted, that is, the “folding up” structure of the electric vehicle is adopted, and the “folding up” structure is adopted, that is, the lifting wheel of the electric vehicle is opened in one step.

The weight of more than 30 kg of the whole vehicle makes it not only drag on the flat road like a suitcase, but also carry it in and out of the subway and up and down the steps..