Common mistakes in riding, posture and movement!

[mistake 1: posture] wrong cycling posture not only affects the exercise effect, but also easily causes damage to the body.

For example, turning your legs outward and bowing and bowing are incorrect postures.

The correct posture is: lean forward slightly, straighten your arms, tighten your abdomen, use abdominal breathing, keep your legs parallel to the crossbeam of the car, keep your knees and hips coordinated, and pay attention to the rhythm of riding.

[mistake 2: action] most people think that the so-called pedaling is to step on the foot and turn the wheel.

In fact, the correct pedaling should include four consecutive actions: stepping, pulling, lifting and pushing.

The sole of the foot is stepped down first, the lower leg is retracted and pulled back, then lifted up, and finally pushed forward, so that a circle of pedaling is just completed.

Such rhythmic pedaling can not only save strength but also improve speed…