Come to the small overseas Chinese tourist area and enjoy the time of parent-child cycling

Feel the nature while riding with your baby in the warm winter.

The winter vacation is a good time for parents and children.

Together with your baby, you can have a meaningful parent-child ride, see the sea and lakes, listen to the chirping of insects and birds, and learn to work hard, be brave, be independent Strong little overseas Chinese tourist area – Riding greenway forest little overseas Chinese riding coffee bar after the assembly, take the riding portable paper coffee machine, baby and hot mothers with full confidence and ready to go.

Inforest little overseas Chinese tourist area serves as the starting point to replenish everyone with full energy.


Baby says the coffee is so cool, We need to take a picture of inforest riding into the little overseas Chinese rainforest to feel the power of nature with the baby.

All troubles and pressures can float away with the wind.

What’s left is the most beautiful thing in the world, but the child’s simple and pure happiness and rare parent-child accompany time to return to nature, Absorb the power of nature to breathe in the nature.

Inforest is accompanied by family and friends during the journey, riding from one target to another, riding from one landscape to another, and embracing a beautiful vision during the ride.

Inforest, the youngest baby, although she can’t ride a bicycle, insists on riding to the end with her mother’s company.

It’s difficult for her to ride when her sense of balance is not fully developed Don’t fall down.

With the encouragement of my mother, I stood up again and again without shedding a tear.

In my mother’s words and deeds, I learned what is strength.

This is the educational significance of riding.

Inforest walked all the way along the coastline and saw the endless sea level.

What came to my nose was the faint salty smell of the sea breeze.

Can’t I feel more about the vastness and vastness of the sea than the children’s books and records It’s a meaningful thing to ride in the sea.

Stay with your family and friends and turn the beautiful scenery and warmth you’ve seen into a strong, brave, independent and kind-hearted person who loves life and nature more!!! Nature has invited you to join this wechat to indulge in nature.

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