Come to ride and refresh the health quota

Today is the 73rd World Health Care Day.

Let health be the main character.

Forget about work, worry about life, care about yourself, and seek health together.

There are many ways to protect health and strengthen health.

Apart from reasonable diet and regular work and rest, cycling is also a good choice.

Cycling is a healthy and natural exercise, No need to deliberately squeeze out time, you can clock in and out for a healthy trip.

Of course, it can also take you to enjoy the scenery of mountains and rivers, escape the congestion and bondage of the city, and empty the impurities in your heart.

The benefits of cycling are countless: you can see the beautiful environment around you, breathe fresh air, and relax your brain.

When riding a bicycle on a crowded road, you should always pay attention to the situation around you to exercise your brain’s responsiveness and flexibility.

Exercise the leg muscles to make the legs more stylish.

Consume calories, burn fat and lose weight.

The high heat brought by cycling can promote blood circulation, improve heart and lung function, and prevent cardiovascular disease.

Before starting riding, we should also make corresponding preparations.

The following section will share some pre riding inspection suggestions for reference, Check whether the brake pad/brake lining rubs against the disc or wheel rim, and whether the thickness of the brake pad needs to be replaced.) Before riding the second chain, each section of the chain should be checked to see if there are problems such as imminent breakage, deformation and serious wear.

At the same time, the chain should be cleaned and lubricated to ensure the working efficiency of the chain.) Before riding, the front and rear wheel sets shall be rotated to see if there is serious deflection of the wheel sets.

At the same time, each spoke shall be checked to see if there is looseness or broken bar/cap.) After checking the wheel set, check the quick release lever of the fixed wheel set to ensure that the quick release lever is tightened.) V.

Before traveling, check the tread, air pressure and tire edge of the tire, and check whether the tire surface is punctured with foreign matters.

If so, clean it in time and check whether there is air leakage.) The screws of six screw handlebars, brakes, pedals, dental discs, back pullers, brakes, seat tubes, seat cushions and discs should be checked once to ensure that each screw is within the standard torque value.) VII.

Before traveling, make sure that the transmission system can shift smoothly.

Test and check each gear one by one.

If there is a problem with a gear, find a technician to adjust it.

Of course, the most important thing to ride is a bicycle.

Here are some recommended cars to accompany you on the road to health.~ATX620 Deep Lake Blue Bright Black Tannin Blue White Moonlight Slide left and right.

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