Cixi has another punch in trail, walking, running, cycling

“We’ve started to build tourist trails along the Baiyang Lake.

It’s said to be very good.” “In the future, we will connect with Minghe ancient town.

We will have more space for sightseeing, get closer to the lake, take leisure walks, and make it more convenient for fitness cycling.” Over the past two days, residents of Guanhaiwei town have been talking about the long-awaited livelihood project that will soon become a reality – the road project around Baiyang Lake.

The livelihood project actively planned and implemented by Guanhaiwei town is in full swing.

Recently, the reporter came to Baiyang Lake in Minghe ancient town and saw that the workers were busy with construction.

The project is located in Baiyang Lake of Minghe ancient town, starting from the temporary parking lot of the ancient town in the East, to Duhu mountain villa in the south, to Hukou kiln factory in the west, and to the entrance of the ancient town through the plank road in the north, forming a closed loop.

The total planned investment of the project is 160 million yuan.

The reporter learned that the project will be implemented in two phases.

One bridge across the lake and three water trestles will be built.

The scenic line around Baiyang Lake will be upgraded in an all-round way.

The forest appearance of the mountains along the lake will be transformed, and the green road supporting facilities such as green landscape nodes, docks, post stations and viewing platforms along the road will be upgraded.

“The project is being carried out in an orderly manner according to the planning and design.

After completion, it will provide citizens with more abundant leisure places with more complete functions, further enhance the urban image and promote the integrated development of agriculture, culture and tourism.” Introduced by the person in charge of relevant departments of the town.

To promote the interconnection of urban space and expand the development space, the biggest highlight of Baiyang Lake Trail is to connect the urban construction area, the space around the lake and the scattered tourism resources, so as to combine the ancient town with the natural scenery, and the citizens can reach the scenic spots along the lake through the trail.

“The plank road in the north of the trail is connected with the entrance of Minghe ancient town.

In the future, citizens will have more space and fun to visit.” The person in charge of relevant departments of Guanhaiwei town said that the scenic spots, natural landscapes, ecological resources and various resources along the line will be “linked together” to promote the development of the local tertiary industry.

“In addition to promoting the road project around Baiyang Lake, we have also strengthened the integration and utilization of urban space resources, dug into vacant land and corner land, and promoted the construction and sharing of various fitness facilities and public activity venues.” The person in charge of relevant departments of the town said that it actively expanded the residents’ fitness space and constantly promoted the improvement of urban quality/// More news / / [news in November 2020] it is understood that the Baiyang Lake Trail construction project is located in Baiyang Lake, Minghe ancient town.

The total length of the trail is about 5.2 kilometers and the width of the road is 6 meters.

The phase I project is planned to invest 60 million yuan, mainly including new revetment, road foundation, hydrophilic plank road and other projects.

The phase II project is a supporting project for the landscape around the footpath, with a planned investment of 100 million yuan.

It is planned to build supporting facilities such as green landscape, viewing platform, cruise ship dock and cycling station.

Comprehensive source: Zheng Lin, reporter of the city financial media center, released by Cixi and Guanhaiwei..