Civilized Riding | Arrive at Huaguo Mountain – Jiedi Locomotive Tour around Lianyungang Station, Jiangsu

Today is the fifth day of Jedi’s locomotive tour around Jiangsu.

The whole journey from Xuzhou to Lianyungang is about 210 kilometers.

We are taking G310 National Highway.

Considering the long distance, we will leave at 8:30 ahead of schedule<<< Looking back on civilized riding in the past | Arriving in Xuzhou - Jedi's locomotive travels around Xuzhou Station, Jiangsu Province civilized riding | Arriving at Xiang Wang's hometown - Jedi's locomotive travels around Suqian Station, Jiangsu Province civilized riding | Arriving at Zhou Enlai's hometown - Jedi's locomotive travels around Huai'an Station, Jiangsu Province safe driving · civilized riding.

Jedi’s locomotive travels around Jiangsu Province and takes the lead in setting an example to G310 National Highway.

The road condition is generally poor, most of which is a two-way single lane, and it is still very narrow, and basically only one car can pass through, Some areas even have no side streets.

Well, the places where you can take pictures are quite spacious.

Most places can only ride in a column, and you can’t take pictures.

There are still many trucks and cars on the national road, but unexpectedly, we finally arrived at Lianyungang at more than 12 o’clock.

Thanks to the strong power of J750, the team overtook countless cars all the way.

Even on some good national roads, they can easily surpass those fast cars.

Of course, overtaking is always on the premise of ensuring safety.

Every time you overtake, the head car, Mr.

89, will be on the left side of the lane, looking to the left to see if there are oncoming cars, so as to ensure safety.

According to what the teacher said, it would take a whole day to stick out like this, and the neck would be “crooked”.

On the way to refuel, of course, this is not a Jie 750 with 611 yuan of gasoline, but 8 cars refuel every day.

According to the former team members at Suqian Station, the Jie 750 is relatively fuel efficient.

Only one tank of fuel has been lost during the 120 km journey.

The tank is full of 18 liters of fuel, and the 400 km endurance is no problem.

On the way to the clock in point, I ran into a car carrying children and walked with us.

Every time we wait for the red light at the intersection, the little girl will lie down at the window of the car and look at everyone with a curious and excited expression on her face.

This is probably the first time to see the mass travel of large displacement motorcycle teams from such a close distance.

Today’s punch in point of Huaguo Mountain is certainly the Huaguo Mountain Scenic Area in Lianyungang.

Take a group photo in front of the statue of Monkey King at the entrance of Huaguo Mountain Scenic Area.

After the lunch nearby, the restaurants near Huaguo Mountain are not expensive, only slightly higher than the normal price, which is highly praised.

Then go to Lianyungang Extreme Motorcycle Sports Park.

The day J750 and K750 played Kinkana was Saturday.

There was a Kinkana game in the Sports Park, and many Lianyungang friends were watching the game.

After communication with Suzhou 187 Locomotive Living Hall, Jedi K750 and Jedi 750 were also put on the side of the venue for test drive experience.

A player who played Jincana directly rode the three box Jie 750 and played Jincana.

He spoke highly of the flexibility and accelerator linearity of Jie 750, indicating that Jie 750 had high confidence in playing Jincana.

At the same time, everyone showed more enthusiasm for the K750.

More motorcycle riders test drove the K750.

After the test drive, we also had a short interview video.

Please watch the video.

Finally, the daily necessary process is to pass on the flag of civilized riding to the four Mo friends who will succeed in Lianyungang Station.

At the same time, four motorcycle riders in Xuzhou were awarded the honorary certificates of “safe driving and civilized riding”.

In order to avoid too long a ride experience, this time we selected two ride experience videos from Xuzhou riders to share with you.

For more people’s real ride experience, please identify the QR code and enter the live video link to view daily ride videos and user experience sharing.

Xuzhou Moyou Zhang Jingjing’s riding experience is shared.

Xuzhou Moyou Cheng Jian Ride Experience Sharing (there is a clerical error in the video) More real-time pictures of this activity, please identify the QR code to enter the live link of the picture, and the civilized ride from Lianyungang to Yancheng will be carried out on the sixth day.

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