Chinese people riding around the world

Coral reef travel to share the local reality, Dan said: this issue is about to talk about cycling.

I am a cyclist myself.

I have only ridden Chongming once for a long distance in China – I haven’t even ridden out of Shanghai.

I played a big game abroad.

I once rode in Norway for more than half a month, more than 1000 kilometers from south to north.

But that story has been going on for a long time, and I’m not going to be the protagonist today, so I invited three equally excellent riders in the seed cabin to share their riding stories and experiences.

Click to listen to Dan’s introduction ↑ Vol.1 introduction ↑ Jason 🚴🏻 Changchun & Germany Hello, my name is Jason, from Changchun.

The story of cycling with me began when I had a giante when I was 6 years old.

Changchun has a strong cycling culture.

There were many cycling clubs in the early days.

The vegetation of Jingyuetan park is very good.

We often go there for night riding with the organization.

In 19 years, I went to Germany and cycling there was even more out of control.

Ha ha.

Click to listen to Jason’s narration ↑ Kanka 🚴🏻 Xinjiang & Qinghai I come from Huangshi, Hubei Province.

I was lucky enough to participate in two free long-distance cycling activities in China.

Once, the team went to Xinjiang for friendly visits and exchanges on behalf of Huangshi government; Another time, he was selected by the sponsorship activity of unified green tea.

He went to Qinghai and rode in a big circle with food, housing and transportation.

The following photo shows a trip to Xinjiang.

It’s so cool to ride on a highway with a large motorcade! There are local horse teams nearby to play with.

Click to listen to Kanka’s narration ↑ simor 🚴🏻 Alps & the story of my riding is a long story.

Although Dan introduced me to climb over the Alps, riding in the Alps in a narrow sense is two and a half days.

Now, I’m not so well prepared, so I met all kinds of unexpected difficulties in the first few days.

Fortunately, I met the help of local kind-hearted people.

In a word, I finally completed the plan of riding in Central Europe for two months, rode through Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Germany, and finally reached Paris, France, where the goal was set.

Click to listen to simor’s narration ↑ Vol.2 ↑ highlight riding experience about German night riding & bicycle lane Jason: I have lived near Nuremberg in Germany for 19 years.

I go to language school in Nuremberg every day, and the round trip is more than 50 kilometers a day, which has been repeated for 5 months.

But I enjoyed the process.

The scenery along the way was very beautiful, with blue sky, rivers and cruise ships.

Then I went to Stuttgart, which is a mountain city suitable for downhill.

I like riding at night.

The fragrance in the woods at night is very unique.

Dan: Germany is out of the city at night.

Is there no light? I once had an accident in the middle of the night in the wild mountains.

Later, I was lucky to meet a passer-by who brought me back with a car.

Ha ha.

Jason: Yes, you have to bring your own lighting, such as this picture.

I don’t want to advertise.

I brought this flashlight from China.

It’s really easy to use.

I have great feelings for it.

Most aisles still have bicycle lanes next to them.

German traffic regulations are relatively strict.

Even if you overtake a bicycle, you must let the whole Lane out when overtaking.

Dan: there are some bike routes around the city, but they are far from the city.

They don’t always exist.

When you get on landstra ß e, you still have to share the lane with motor vehicles.

We can only pray that the driver complies with the traffic regulations of safe distance.

Jason: that’s right.

Landstra ß e is equivalent to national highway.

By the way, I also got a whole mountain bike later.

Look at this ~ bad luck adventure in the Alps.

Simor: about my big journey, what impressed me most was the first two days.

The weather was very bad and it was raining heavily all the time.

I underestimated the temperature and brought only two coats.

I almost froze to death.

Dan: you’re not wearing waterproof clothing? Simor: No On the first day, I began to gnaw the Alps.

The climbing was very slow.

The first day was much later than planned.

Moreover, the tire burst later and I couldn’t repair it.

I just passed by an old man who helped me change the tire and invited me to his house and set up a tent in his yard for one night.

The next day, I lost my tent When I was about to set up camp, I turned back and found that the tent was gone.

Luck patronized me again.

Someone invited me to have a drink in the passing bar, and the local enthusiasts invited me to his house for a night’s sleep Dan: I’m really lucky to meet enthusiastic people and save the scene in time when I’m out.

Simor: Yes, there were so many difficulties at the beginning that I didn’t expect to finish the journey of a few months as planned.

This is a group photo of me and the little brother who helped me.

He still lived in China! Dan: great! Riding on behalf of Huangshi to visit Xinjiang Kanka: my ride was actually a bit diplomatic.

We represented the local government of Huangshi, so we were also received by the local government of Xinjiang with high standards.

This is a commemorative photo of me riding with the regiment in Xinjiang.

There are two words on the stone behind it.

I wonder if you can understand it? There are strong winds all year round in Xinjiang.

It is said that sometimes it blows for half a year, and you may not be able to sleep all night when you first arrive, so the last two words are no wind.

Dan: after revealing the answer, I can’t recognize it.

How do you feel when you ride? Kanka: we were lucky when we went.

We didn’t encounter too strong wind when we rode.

In addition, the time on the road is not long, just two or three days, so it’s lucky.

Dan: as drivers, we all know the danger of wind.

Road vehicles are particularly sensitive to wind.

I have experienced a serious accident, so I won’t talk about it here.

Kan: car control is a technical activity..