Children play independent camp | 2.12 ride to see the world, broken wind youth assembly order!

The gathering of the broken wind youth makes us cross the steep slope and cross the jungle, feel the breeze in the morning blowing across our face, and feel like a free bird.

Riding is the most comfortable way of sports in spring.

Moving forward along the path, looking at the surrounding scenery and slowly retreating, enjoy the touch of this moment.

The broken wind youth pulls the wheel into our distance from nature, no roar of cars, no hardship of walking, simple and environmental protection Enjoy the beauty of the travel process, and learn the skills of bicycle maintenance, traffic rules for outdoor cycling, and the meaning of communication during cycling • cycling is a systemic aerobic exercise, which can effectively exercise the skills of human organs such as brain and heart.

• Riding on the road is full of unknown and tranquility.

In the natural tranquility and embrace, we deeply understand life and life.

• Seeing different landscapes, you will burst out new strength and cognition on the road different from your usual life.

• Improve your concentration during riding, and learn to think and discover – how to cooperate with others and build good relationships.

Children in close contact with nature should ensure adequate outdoor activities every day.

There is fresh air and sufficient sunshine in nature.

Cycling is a good recipe to help children grow up happily and has unparalleled effect on their natural growth and development.


Strengthening body and cycling can improve cardiopulmonary function, exercise lower limb muscle strength and enhance overall endurance, promote the development of children’s sports and balance ability, and improve children’s sports talent.

3 exercise willpower cycling is a sport of strength and endurance.

It helps to cultivate teenagers’ willpower.

Regular cycling and trampling are also beneficial to the cultivation of concentration.


Cultivate good character.

When we move forward with the team, we need teamwork; When a partner is injured or a bicycle breaks down, they need help from each other; When the direction deviates, we need to communicate and discuss together.

Children will learn and grow in this process.

The first equipment for cycling is bicycles.

In addition, there are some equipment to ensure our safety, such as riding helmets, riding gloves, knee pads and so on.

Xia Keling will lead the children to learn these safety equipment and prepare for our pleasant trip.

Riding safety guidelines explain what else we need to pay attention to when we go on the road? We will simulate the scene and explain the traffic rules of outdoor riding, gestures and emergency response methods for children, so as to establish children’s awareness of safe riding.

Bicycle maintenance study and practical operation workers must sharpen their tools before they want to do well.

Bicycle is a land vehicle driven by human foot pedal and driven by chain.

Understanding the structure of bicycle is more convenient for us to overhaul it.

One of the most important components of a car’s weight is two tires.

Tire mending is a necessary skill in long-term cycling.

It is a very challenging practice, which requires both patience and skills.

Step by step cycling “the first step to be taken bravely must be on the premise of safety”.

Before the children officially go on the road, we will take them familiar with the way of cycling and create a safe and controllable link for them.

From short-distance cycling to long-distance cycling, the step-by-step cycling experience enables children to enhance their perception of external things in the inner world and enhance their self-confidence and independence through team cooperation.

Doctor mountain forest park is located three kilometers west of Shiqiao, Panyu District, Guangzhou.

It is an ecological forest park in Guangzhou, spanning Shiqiao and Zhongcun towns, It is adjacent to Shunde country garden and Qifu new village in the north.

Surrounded by continuous mountains in the park, the doctor mountain, the first peak in Panyu at an altitude of 226.6 meters, as well as large and small ponds and many artificial lakes, forming a scene of ups and downs of peak love and reflection of lake light.

Doctor mountain forest park is known as the “oxygen bar in Panyu”.

Christmas will lead you to enjoy the doctor’s mountain by cycling and appreciate the different scenery of the forest park in the city.

We look forward to your joining us! Windbreaker day camp: 8:30-9:00; doctor mountain north gate: 9:00-10:00; ice breaking game: Team: 10:00-10:30; get equipment, inspect the car and explain driving safety: 10:30-12:00; ride 5km12:00-13:00; lunch and after dinner Games: 13:00-14:00; bicycle maintenance and study: 14:00-15:30; ride 10km, 15:30-16:00 to enjoy the style of doctor’s mountain, summarize and share, 16:00-17:00 to issue certificates, Happy return trip – if the weather and other factors affect some activities, there may be adjustment # activities.

The information of the camp will follow the trend and ride around the world day by day.

Recruitment Information: recruitment object: children aged 7-12 (more than 1.2m tall and skilled in cycling) provide mountain bikes and riding helmets.

Those who have a history of staying abroad or epidemic areas within 14 days, or have symptoms of fever and cough are not allowed to participate.

Camp time: February 12, 2022 activity location: designated camp transportation mode: self driving price: original price 498 yuan / person, forwarding preferential price 368 yuan / person (forwarding this link to the circle of friends) purchase method: pull to the bottom of this article and click.