Changxing Taihu motorcycle ride

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On January 18, 2022, I went to Changxing County, Zhejiang Province.

I went to Changxing to drive back the RA scooter I left there a few days ago.

But now that I’m here, I’d like to run along the Taihu Lake route.

Anyway, it wasn’t very cold that day.

It shouldn’t be a problem to clench my teeth and carry it.

Changxing has a founding emperor.

Every time I go to Changxing, I always think of the founding emperor of the southern “Chen Dynasty” in the northern and Southern Dynasties, Chen Wudi “Chen Baxian”.

The Southern Dynasty was composed of Five Dynasties: the Eastern Jin Dynasty, Liu Song Dynasty, Xiao Qi Dynasty, Liang Dynasty and Chen Dynasty.

The Chen Dynasty was the last dynasty, which was unified by the Sui Dynasty.

Emperor Chen Wu and Chen Baxian were from Changxing.

Chen Baxian was a general of the Liang Dynasty.

He killed the Liang Dynasty’s Taiwei and usurped the throne of the Liang Dynasty.

He became the emperor and established the Chen Dynasty.

As a native of Zhejiang, I only know that there were only two founding emperors in Zhejiang.

Of course, this is the emperor recognized by the official history, not the grass king.

One of the two founding emperors was Sun Quan (state of Wu) from Fuyang during the Three Kingdoms period, and the other was Chen Baxian mentioned above.

Coincidentally, these two emperors were emperors in the era of China’s separatist regime, and they were both political powers in the south.

Later, Wang Seng’s son “Wang pin”, as one of the generals of Pingnan, participated in the unification war of the Sui Dynasty and the Chen Dynasty.

After the destruction of the Chen Dynasty, the king issued to dig out the bones of Chen Baxian from the mausoleum, burn them into ash, mix them with water and drink them into his stomach to avenge the murder of his father.

This Avenger can be regarded as “unprecedented, no one will come later”? I used to pass Changxing on national highway 104.

Whenever I saw the former residence of Chen Baxian indicated by the roadside, I laughed in my heart.

After Chen Baxian died, he was buried in Wan’an mausoleum in Nanjing.

Later, he was destroyed by the king’s decree, and his bones did not exist.

What remains of Chen Baxian will be found in the “former residence” of Changxing? Everything is driven by the tourism economy.

The scooter, which had been parked for 8 days near Taihu Lake, was pulled out and gently pressed the switch, and the motor started steadily.

Looking down to check the tire, I found that the rear tire was a little short of air.

I used to have automatic tire repair rubber in the rear tire.

Now the air pressure is insufficient.

There must be a big nail.

I rolled the tire several times, but I didn’t find a needle or nail.

Fortunately, I still have enough energy to support me to cheer up at tuhu car store.

Fill up the tire pressure, ride a motorcycle in Changxing City, go east along “Taihu Avenue” and “Central Avenue”, and come to the lakeside of Taihu Lake.

My trip starts from the intersection of “Central Avenue” and “Binhu Avenue” on the side of Taihu Lake, drives about 50 kilometers east next to Taihu Lake, and ends at “Qidu Town” in Wujiang District, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province.

Here’s an explanation.

Taihu Avenue and Central Avenue are actually the same road, but there is another branch road in the northeast, so they are divided into two different names.

Many years ago, I went to Taihu Lake twice by motorcycle.

At that time, I just ran along the lake.

But once a motorcade was organized and drove into the “Dongshan Island” in Taihu Lake to eat Lake crabs, and then drove away.

So although I’ve been to Taihu Lake, I don’t know the scenic spots inside, so I’m not familiar with them.

However, now I have checked the scenic spot information of Taihu Lake on the Internet and found that many scenic spots are worth playing.

Taihu Lake is one of the five largest freshwater lakes in China.

The boundless Taihu Lake, every time I pass by it, I always think of the sea for the first time in my mind.

The size of Taihu Lake can be imagined from its name.

In ancient Chinese words, those with the word “Tai” in the front are of incomparable high status.

For example, the emperor’s father (of course, the living father) is called “supreme emperor”; The heir or younger brother who wants to inherit the position of the emperor is called “Prince” or “too younger brother”.

Tai “is the supreme meaning.

It is similar to the word” Tai “of” Taishan “, which can be used in some contexts in ancient Chinese.

Thus, Taihu Lake is not simple.

Riding Taihu Lake on Binhu Avenue, I later chose to take the lakeside path close to “Binhu Avenue”.

This is a trail like a landscape road, but it has no signs prohibiting motor vehicles.

Many parked and running cars are also found on the trail, so I think motorcycles are allowed? You can enjoy the style of Taihu Lake by driving on this path close to the lake.

It was a bad day, so the lake looked yellow and muddy.

I wonder if the color of sunny days will change to our favorite blue-green? The lake is surrounded by reeds, the microwave beats the shore, the white gull flies, and the water and the sky are the same.

I stopped and got off the dam and saw many people fishing by the lake.

There was a regular sound of water splashing in my ears.

I could see the horizon in the distance.

Watching the lake here made me feel ethereal.

I operate like this and fly the drone to the lake.

The muddy lake water is on the mobile phone control screen of the drone.

Although it is not attractive to me, I am very interested in the white gulls flying in groups in front of the drone lens.

While operating the drone to fly among the birds, I was worried that the “fake bird” of the drone would be mistaken for a different species by the birds and pecked it to feed the young birds.

When I was nervous, the controller shook violently.

When I looked at the mobile phone screen, I saw that the UAV had hovered and several big birds flew quickly in front of the camera, which was very close to the UAV.

The jitter alarm and flight stop of UAV is an emergency measure to start after its distance sensor detects the obstacle in front.

I was secretly nervous, but in perfect order.

I slowly turned the rocker to turn the plane, and slowly let it fly back to the shore.

I was afraid that too fast would lead to hostile attacks from birds.

After a while, the UAV landed safely on the ground without air crash.

I was finally relieved.

After getting on the bus, I drove along the lake.

After walking about half of the way, this path merged into the main road..