Chang’an Street into a cycling stage? The “racing race” runs at 30 or 40 kilometers per hour, runs red lights and occupies the motorway

“It’s too dangerous to catch up with the car!” On Chang’an Street, you can always see “drag racing people” riding road bicycles riding crazy and shuttling back and forth.

Pedestrians can’t help sweating for them.

Many of them rode at speeds of more than 30 or 40 kilometers per hour, and there were uncivilized phenomena such as running red lights and occupying motorways.

At about 7 p.m.

on August 22, there was a constant flow of vehicles on Chang’an Street, and pedestrians on the sidewalk also came and went, which was very lively.

Many cyclists shuttle back and forth in groups on the bicycle lane.

Most of them wear protective gear and professional cycling clothes.

They also ride all kinds of professional road bikes and mountain bikes, which are much faster than ordinary bicycles.

The reporter of Beijing Daily (ID: beijing_daily) calculated by car that among the four groups of cycling teams on the nearby bicycle lane, three groups had a speed of about 35 kilometers per hour, and the other group had a speed of more than 40 kilometers per hour, which also surpassed many motor vehicles, which forced the motor vehicles turning right into Chang’an Street to slow down and avoid.

When I came to the intersection and met a red light, the cyclist didn’t care and ran straight through.

Individual riders who did not wear any protective equipment shuttled through Chang’an Street at a fast speed.

At this time, a man riding on West Chang’an Street broke into the right turn motor vehicle lane before passing the intersection and walked between motor vehicles.

He didn’t oblique into the bicycle lane until he passed the intersection.

On Fuxingmen bridge, more than a dozen road bicycles are “lying” on the ground, and cyclists dressed in professional cycling clothes are preparing for cycling.

A young female rider said, “most of the cycling on Chang’an Street is concentrated from 7 to 9 p.m.

today may be rainy, and there are few people.

At ordinary times, there can be 20 or 30 people here.

Generally, people ride from Fuxingmen bridge to Jianguomen bridge.

If they are fast, the average speed is 30 to 40 kilometers per hour, and the fastest instantaneous speed can reach nearly 60 kilometers.” “It’s really dangerous to ride too fast,” she admitted On the ranking list of a cycling app, there is a special ranking of the “Chang’an Street” stage.

The first user rode 6.5 kilometers in 9 minutes and 13 seconds, with a speed of 43.32 kilometers per hour.

In the ranking, there are 95 people with a speed of more than 30 kilometers per hour and 523 people with a speed of more than 25 kilometers per hour.

“If you run all the red lights and don’t stop in the middle, you can finish the whole journey in about 9 or 10 minutes or in the middle of the night.” A man ready to ride on Fuxingmen bridge speculated.


Cui, who often drives through Chang’an Street, is very cautious when turning north.

“On several occasions, when I turned right, I met a bike that rode fast and suddenly jumped out.

I’m really afraid.

If there is an accident, the motor vehicle will be fully responsible.” Mr.

Cui said helplessly, “in addition, the maximum speed of electric bicycles is only 25 kilometers per hour, which is safer than bicycles.

I hope cyclists can consciously control the speed.” Near Fuxingmen bridge, the traffic warden and auxiliary police who are maintaining the order of the bicycle lane said: “at present, there is no law on the speed limit of bicycles.

At this stage, we can only rely on self-consciousness.

If we want to stop it, we can’t stop it.

A boy riding fast was hit by a motor vehicle a few days ago.

The boy’s legs were scratched and bleeding.

Later, he was pulled away by 120.” Wei Xiaodong, a lawyer at Huiyuan law firm, said that at present, there is no speed limit for bicycles in the law, but there are two documents for reference.

First, the Beijing Regulations on the administration of non motor vehicles stipulates that when driving an electric bicycle on the road and in a non motor vehicle lane, the maximum speed shall not exceed 15 kilometers per hour.

Second, the notice on the traffic management of Huilongguan Shangdi bicycle road states that the maximum speed of riding on the bicycle road shall not exceed 15 kilometers per hour.

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