Carry out free cycling activities to promote green and low-carbon travel

From September 19 to September 30, Nanning Transportation Bureau, together with Nanning Rail Transit Group, Internet bike rental enterprises and the “Love Nanning” APP, launched a free riding activity of sharing bicycles.

At the same time, it also actively advocates green, safe, civilized travel and low-carbon lifestyle, encourages citizens to use public transport to travel, strengthens green travel connection of public transport, and alleviates urban traffic pressure.

The free riding activity makes full use of the advantages of sharing bicycles and rail transit connection, and encourages citizens to choose the “rail+sharing bicycles” mode of travel by taking the subway “one yard to the city” and standardizing the setting of parking points for sharing bicycles around the subway entrance.

During the activity, after riding, citizens can apply for a 3-day experience card of sharing bicycles by virtue of the record of sharing bicycles on that day, the record of “Love Nanning” APP subway ride, and the photos of sharing bicycles parked around the subway entrance; For citizens who adhere to the “rail+sharing bicycles” mode of travel five days a week, they can continue to apply for and receive the experience card of sharing bicycles for a week.

According to statistics, 8675 people participated in the activity, 8240 3-day riding experience cards and 435 weekly riding experience cards were issued to the citizens participating in the activity.

According to the number of participants, average mileage and other data, Nanning has achieved 8425kg carbon reduction.

Nanning, as a “city on electric bicycles”, has strong demand for short distance travel by electric bicycles and public transport connections.

In recent years, Nanning has achieved remarkable results in the practice of optimizing the travel environment and standardizing the development of shared riding.

At present, the market for shared bicycles and e-bikes has reached 170000, providing shared cycling services for about 450000 people every day, and the citizens’ willingness to travel green has also been growing.

The big data of Meituan’s cycling show that, thanks to the new round of riding craze launched by sharing e-bikes, the carbon reduction amount of cycling nationwide during the National Day holiday increased by nearly 30% year on year.

The top cities in terms of carbon reduction amount of e-bikes are Nanning, Kunming, Hefei, Harbin and Nanchang.

Among them, the carbon reduction amount of users riding e-bikes in Nanning increased by 418% year on year.

With the successful completion of Green Travel Publicity Month and Public Transport Travel Publicity Week, the free riding activity has been effectively publicized and fully recognized by the general public.

By advocating the “rail+shared bicycle” travel mode, we further optimize urban public transport and green travel services, strengthen infrastructure construction and intelligent management such as subway, public transport and shared travel, and promote the effective connection of various public transport tools, Let citizens enjoy better and more convenient green travel services, and effectively solve the “last mile” problem of citizens’ travel.

Source: Nanning Transportation Bureau Nanning Transportation is wonderful because of you Editor: He Sisi, Liao Qiuning..