Can’t hide! Camping, cycling, photography… I found the “yearning life” of Shijiazhuang people here!

With the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, people’s concept of living has changed.

From living to livable and excellent living, health, safety and natural comfort have become the first essence of living.

Surrounded by three mountains in the west of Shijiazhuang, Yanlu Mountain in the west creates a healthy lifestyle close to nature for the owners with rare environment, abundant supporting facilities, pure low-density mountain courtyard and good services.

Away from the city, go to the mountains, breathe fresh air, plant flowers and fish in the courtyard, and welcome the beautiful spring with a healthy attitude.

Realistic View of the Town 01 First Line Mountain Scenery Thousand mu Town Rare Resources Huanxin Mountain Dwelling Life is more and more respected with the return to nature, and healthy and low-density mountain dwellings come into people’s view.

Yanlu, Xishan Mountain, is located in the “back garden of the city”.

It is planned to build a health care town with an area of 4500 mu to create a healthy and comfortable living experience for the residents of the town in a low density natural environment.

Here, the vegetation coverage rate reaches 80%, and the content of negative oxygen ions is high.

It is a natural mountain living and nourishing secret place.

Live in the mountain, jog towards the mountain, and enjoy the fresh mountain forest; Go into the countryside, bow to farming, and enjoy the pastoral health life.

Realistic View of West Mountain 02 Households with Courtyards Low density and livable West Mountain area Only here is a view of Jingshan Courtyard.

With the increasing scarcity of natural resources such as land and landscape, pure courtyard products in the West Mountain area are becoming less and less.

Xishan Yanlu creates a pure four tiered courtyard and stacked products with a low floor area ratio of 1.0, which is only used by 3 or 2 owners to ensure that each household has a courtyard.

It is one of the few pure Jingshan courtyards in Xishan District.

A single family, a single courtyard and an independent household to create a healthy living environment.

The real picture of the town plans luxury space and living lines, and creates a striking house type of “multiple yards, multiple lighting, multiple suites, multiple functions, and multiple gifts”.

I plant flowers and grass in the yard, take care of the fish pond, and enjoy the quiet time; In the elegant study, read a good book, copy a painting and calligraphy, and cultivate your character.

Realistic picture of the town 03 A full range of supporting facilities are blooming, mellow and abundant.

Welcome and experience the construction of medical, educational, commercial, living, elderly care, agriculture and other supporting facilities in Yanlu, Xishan Mountain, to meet the life needs of every family member.

Among them, Lanxi Health Cabin, Town Canteen and Mountain House have been opened, providing a better life experience for the town residents at any time; The health management system of Hebei Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Huahai Town, Tianyuan Farm, Yile College, etc.

will also be established one after another.

Here, children return to nature and release their nature; Youth return to love and pursue dreams; Return to life and release pressure in middle age; Old people return to youth and enjoy life.

Realistic Picture of Lanxi Health Cabin Flower Sea Effect Picture 04 Quality Service Colorful Activities to Guard Happy Life Xishan Yanlu and Green City Service to provide the town residents with family friendly service, smart park service, park life service and personalized butler service.

Among them, the town builds the park service system based on the owner’s living quality, so that the owner can enjoy a better life with thoughtful care.

Green City’s service for friendship has always been the neighborhood relationship advocated by the town.

Join the owner community of “Yanluhui” to experience the four seasons activities from small to long, the wonderful series of “Dolphin Plan”, the U-YOUNG series of “Kicking the Ball”, the elderly series of “One Bowl of Longevity Noodles”, and the neighborhood series of “Neighborhood Day”, and enjoy the colorful life of “leisure and fun”.

Activities in the park The town will also hold special activities, such as picking, cycling, photography, lawn concerts, etc., to let residents share their friendship and harvest warmth; Through a series of activities, such as visiting and condolence, domestic service, etc., we will send warmth and care to the elderly, so that they can have something to rely on and enjoy.

In addition, the town remembers the care of every festival, whether it is the Mid Autumn Festival or the New Year’s New Year, and thanks the owners for their support and love with a beautiful gift.

In the future, Yanlu Town in Xishan will sincerely provide more perfect and meticulous services for the owners.

The owner enjoys the gift of grass growing and warblers flying, and everything sprouts.

It is also a good time for spring outing.

This weekend, come to Yanlu in Xishan to enjoy a wonderful time with the whole family.

On Saturday, April 16, the top designer of “Shanyuan Aesthetic Home Decoration Art” will share the courtyard decoration layout with you.

There are more interesting kite works on site, and we sincerely invite you to have a wonderful experience.

On April 17, the warm spring walk of Xishan Yanlu Century Property is about to start, and more wonderful activities are welcome to participate.

In the warm spring, you can return to the health care town of thousands of acres.

In the West Mountain Yanlu, you can bathe in the warm spring sun, breathe the fresh oxygen in the mountains, accompany the most important people, taste the real life, and live your life as imagined.

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