Can you pick a backpack?

How to choose a bicycle backpack? The quality of a riding backpack can be analyzed from two perspectives.

From a scientific point of view, a cycling backpack must have a carrying system, a loading system, a fabric selection, and a breathable and sweat wicking design.

From the demand for outdoor riding, backpack accessories need to include water bag outlet, sleeping bag warehouse, rain cover, helmet fixing equipment and other important factors.

Analyze the riding backpack from a scientific perspective 1.

The backpack carrying system is composed of a back plate, shoulder belt, chest belt and belt.

The back plate is used to support the entire backpack.

A good backpack system can evenly disperse the weight borne by the backpack.

Shoulder straps, waist pads and chest straps can play an important role in fixing.

They must be adjustable.

Different adjustments can be carried out according to different body types to better fix and reduce friction.

In addition, the part where the shoulder belt and the inside of the belt contact the skin should be soft and elastic, effectively changing the up and down friction of the upper shoulder belt or the belt into elastic vibration.


The loading system backpack is usually composed of main bag, side bag, accessory bag, etc.

Bike bags are usually made small, generally no more than 30L, generally 6L, 12L, 18L, 20L, 25L, etc.

The design of the bags in each part of the backpack can better distribute objects, make rational use of the capacity, and of course, it is more important to take them easily.


The fabric of the general cycling bag is PU coated nylon fabric (such as PU coated 450D polyester, 210D nylon), which is waterproof, anti dry knot, wear-resistant, tear resistant, etc.

The fabric is the main determinant of the durability of a backpack.

I don’t think everyone wants to ride half way when the backpack is broken.


The backpack is buckled on the back when riding with ventilation and sweat wicking system.

If the back is not ventilated and the sticky sweat covers the back during cycling, it is quite uncomfortable.

A mesh resin plate is added to the cycling backpack to isolate the back from the backpack body.

A good cycling bag uses 3D breathable mesh design on the shoulder belt and the inner side of the waist pad, giving air a flowing space, which can effectively keep the parts of the body in contact dry.

Analysis from the perspective of outdoor riding demand 1.

Helmet fixed net bag Helmet net bag is used to fix the helmet.

Sometimes, when riding, you will enter the woods or some low places.

Wearing a helmet can not judge the height correctly.

And the head will sweat after a long time of exercise.

When taking off the helmet, fix it on the bag with a net bag.


A special water bag compartment is designed in the water bag device bag, which also plays a role in fixing the water bag, so as to prevent the water bag from moving in the bag when the road is bumpy.

The water bag is convenient for drinking water anytime and anywhere when riding.

The shoulder belt is designed with two fixing buckles for the water bag straw, which can be fixed on the left or right according to the user’s habits to prevent the straw from being swayed by the wind when exposed.


The rain cover and the rain cover of the water bag warehouse are necessary to protect the backpack and its contents from getting wet in the rain.

The water bag warehouse is convenient for water drainage.

Even if the water bag is not used, the zipper connected with the main bag can be used for quick retrieval.


High quality webbing and fasteners High quality webbing has smooth surface, soft texture, moderate astringency, strong bearing capacity, and can withstand tension of more than 200kg.

The fasteners are thick, flexible, and easy to operate.

One card will hear a “click”, indicating that they have been stuck.

The general fastener card is hesitant, insecure, and has the possibility of natural separation.

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