Camping, picnic, cycling, kite flying… This is how Luoyang should play in spring!

Seize the good weather in spring and have an outdoor weekend.

The weather in Luoyang is intoxicating recently.

In order to live up to the good weather in spring, it’s better to take the outdoor activities fantasized for countless times into reality.

Drive your car, take your children, walk your dog, hold your lover’s hand, and start a wonderful camping trip; Call riders, fully equipped, ready for mineral water and a ride; Find a good place, feel the wind, run at full speed, and fly kites taller than people Living in the city, you can stay away from the noise and run to the grassland lake to enjoy the outdoor time.

😘 Luoyang’s “outdoor playing methods”.

Let’s have a look with Luo Luo! 👇" Part1.

A few days ago, the topic of “how hot is camping” was posted on Weibo.

However, this time, the burning camping is not the painting style of “survival in the wilderness”, but the “exquisite camping” with an “omelet table”, a “small string of lights” and a “big sky curtain”.

△ picture source: Yichuan Jianye green base starry sky, lawn, tent, barbecue Quietly brushing the screen of Luoyang people’s circle of friends.

Where are you going to experience the comfortable and wild new camping? Luoluo has explored four good places for you ~ 01luoyang Yichuan Jianye green base △ picture source: Yichuan Jianye green base looks for wild interests in spring, and the romantic spring scenery should not be let down.

△ picture source: the open-air lawn of Yichuan Jianye green base is a good choice for spring camping.

Spread picnic cloth on the lawn, prepare some drinks and snacks, and punch in a spring afternoon tea! △ picture source: Yichuan Jianye green base Yichuan Jianye green base can not only have a picnic and camping, but also open the self-help barbecue mode.

There are also fitness parks and fruit and vegetable picking gardens to play.

It is really a good choice for the whole family to travel Star tent camp rabbit Star tent phase 1 camp is located in shirenwa, cijian Town, Xin’an County, covering an area of more than 60 mu.

It is mainly engaged in outdoor light luxury tent catering.

The tent camp is an emerging industry.

△ picture source: in the camp, you can not only eat delicious food, but also enjoy the nature.

In the evening, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset scenery.

If you are lucky, you can also see the starry sky in the urban area at night.

△ source: Xin’an cultural tourism rabbit The star tent phase 2 camp is located in the star tent base of the Yellow River Shenxian Bay scenic spot in Xin’an County, where you can not only see the scenery, but also get close to nature! △ picture source: some interactive games can also be played on the wide field of Xin’an cultural tourism, and the time of the day can be arranged clearly for you! 03 Luoyang Wanan mountain camping town △ picture source: if you ask Luoluo about Wanan mountain tourist resort, do you have time to go to the county? Is there a camping place in Luoyang? Here comes the answer! Wan’an mountain camping Town, located in Yibin District, will build a new night economy theme base and establish a one-stop camp with the most beautiful stars.

△ picture source: Mount Wan’an tourist resort has set up a tent to “look up to the stars” and unlock the new idea of outdoor camping.

△ picture source: the colorful lights in Wan’an mountain tourist resort gradually come on in various forms.

The stars in the sky and the lights on the ground interweave and draw the most beautiful picture of the spring night of Wan’an mountain.

04luoyang Yishui amusement park Qiushi section △ picture source: today, Yibin is in Yibin District, on the Bank of Yihe River, with a quiet Yishui amusement park and a long track of wisdom music.

Trees, grasslands and rivers provide people who love life with excellent conditions close to nature.

△ picture source: today’s Yibin Yishui amusement park attracts tourists not only for its beautiful scenery, but also for its convenient conditions: transportation, service, safety, water source, toilet In the city, calm in the noise.

△ picture source: if you want to set up a tent in Yibin today, don’t forget two things: one is environmental protection and the other is civilization.

It’s better not to use fire.

Use fire instead of charcoal.

Fire resistant cloth must be paved and fire extinguishers must be provided.

Bring your own garbage bags and keep them clean when you leave, so that the grass can still keep a clean face.

” Part2.

︱ kite flying is always an essential ritual in spring.

When I was a child, a piece of open space and a gust of wind are the joy of the whole day.

Troubles go with the wind, and happiness follows your heart.

In Luoyang, there are many open and flat venues.

Children can run freely here.

They don’t have to worry about wrestling or kite entanglement in the air.

The winds in all directions are surrounded by the warm spring day.

The square is covered with grass, the sun is slightly warm, and the spring breeze is blowing.

It’s nice to fly a kite and run freely on the lawn! Who says flying kites is the patent of children! Adults can also make an appointment with three or five friends, let go of the long line in their hands and watch the kite fly under the blue sky.

My heart jumped with joy.

Of course, a giant kite that is several times larger than a person appears inadvertently.

Spring is bright and breezy.

In the North Lawn of dingdingmen Ruins Museum in Luoyang City of Sui and Tang Dynasties, many kite lovers showed their skills.

“Two aircraft formation” sports kites flying side by side, flexible dish Eagle kites, large and brightly colored soft kites…

Luoyang’s kites soar under the blue sky and white clouds.

“When flying a kite, you must put safety first.” “Ma Jian, President of Luoyang Kite Association, said that kite flying should try to choose an open and open place.

Before preparing to fly a kite, you should observe whether there are high buildings and high-voltage lines around, and refer to the” three far “principle, that is, stay away from high buildings, high-voltage lines, urban roads, highways and railways.

If you fly some large professional kites, you should also stay away from the crowd..