Bring riding aesthetics back to our lives

Remember the scene of Gregory Parker driving a retro motorcycle and carrying the elegant and beautiful Audrey Hepburn around the city of Rome in Roman holiday? More than half a century later, Hepburn’s peerless appearance and elegant dress are still repeated and imitated by female stars and fashion elites, and the retro trend caused by the retro motorcycle is also repeated and never subsided.

“Roman holiday” has inspired people’s perception of riding aesthetics.

Now, an electric vehicle built by Dongdong brand for five years brings riding aesthetics back to our life.

It is the world’s first VO electric vehicle 618 tmall built by Dongdong brand.

It reshapes riding aesthetics.

It makes the beauty of riding.

It starts with the beauty of beauty in the bone rather than the skin, The car is also like a retro style.

It has always been an enduring trend.

VO electric car, It has just the right retro charm.

It does not blindly reproduce the retro materials and lines, but skillfully retains a few threads of charm.

A single style has never become a senior fashion designer.

It has injected a trace of simple future temperament into the retro charm of VO electric vehicle, which makes the beauty of VO electric vehicle dynamic and rich, and can withstand critical scrutiny At a glance, the appearance of VO electric vehicle has extremely exquisite detail design.

The all inclusive body hides all wires and bid farewell to the crude frame of electric vehicles in the past.

The whole body of VO electric vehicle has only the beauty of simplicity and smooth riding.

The unique temperament of VO electric vehicle determines that the riders who choose it are a group of people with personality.

They may have different identities, However, the pursuit must be consistent: eager to bid farewell to the boring and Chen life, eager to bid farewell to the long traffic lights, crowded one-way streets, eager to tear off the label of social tool people, eager that every trip is a popular guide for living walking, and VO electric vehicle is born to meet all these.

The beauty of riding is focused on experiencing the beauty of riding.

You must also pay great attention to riding experience? The riding aesthetic criterion of Dongdong team is not limited to the appearance.

Only by polishing each function to the extreme can it meet the initial heart of building VO electric vehicle.

NFC card farewell key binding a thin NFC card can open VO electric vehicle.

Easy and free fool control is in line with the free and random personality of VO electric vehicle family.

The control interface that can say hello is cute and interesting expression package.

The control interface seems to be able to speak, and the mood of riding will be much happier! More comfortable experience waiting to be unlocked after a lot of ergonomic testing and research, VO electric vehicle is suitable for people with 90% height to ride.

The front small storage box + USB charging port can be opened and charged without trouble.

400×355 wide pedal can bid farewell to the cramped situation where there is no place to stay.

The whole vehicle is environment-friendly and free of spraying color shell.

It is durable and environmental protection without fear of scratching.

Dongdong Dong VO electric vehicle fully meets the cross-level quality of free licensing by the national standard vehicle 3C standard vehicle management institute, Professional guarantee: since 2019, Qianjiang and Dongdong have started strategic cooperation.

Dongdong electric vehicle and Qianjiang / benali motorcycle are produced together.

Maybe you never know how many unexpected wonderful Vos can be brought to life by changing a way of travel! Hwan, I’m on the stage.

Dongdong VO electric vehicle tmall starts.

The price is only ¥ 2389.

Does it smell good? And grab it! It will be more economical! Take advantage of the 618 preferential season, come and bring the riding aesthetics back to our life.

Will you take the preferential password? Copy the link VO Amoy password in brackets [8] 👈 ¥V6aBXTyn2eI¥ [quick onlookers] about Dongdong team, the team building VO electric vehicles – Dongdong (doinnext), formerly from the automotive industry, has worked together in the field of first-line automotive design in Shanghai for more than 10 years.

Dongdong is a brand with young vitality.

Since 2015, it has been committed to challenging the field of personal travel vehicles…