Biological Island | the second stop of cycling has a good start to the new year

Are you a new friend? Remember to pay attention to me in blue first – cycling trip – the second stop since the first cycling test, this time launched a little challenge route, the destination Biological Island, The road conditions are also more complicated.

The second stop of cycling is Tianfu road – “Huangpu Avenue -” Xingang East Road – “Chisha village -” Yingzhou Island – “Biological Island Time: 12:30-19:00 on February 7, 2022.

The duration of cycling: after walking out of a village – Chisha village in 6 hours, I found that I lost my direction.

When Yan zhe looked for which direction to go, I took the opportunity to have a rest.

The way point navigation said to cross the bridge in the direction of Yingzhou island.

Yan Zhe’s “let’s go” gave me great encouragement.

Board the Biological Island “Take a rest.

Fortunately, there is a rest place on the island.

After a week around the island, it’s 5:50 PM.

Happily prepare for the return trip.


Before passing through Xiaozhou Village, I heard my friends come to Xiaozhou Village to fish.

Summer is really a very suitable place for summer vacation, with many trees, especially fruit trees.

I underestimated the enemy this time.

I thought it was only an increase of 7 kilometers.

It’s not a big problem.

As a result, this trip After a ride for the first time, I felt that my legs and buttocks were not mine, and I couldn’t sleep at night.

I didn’t relax until the afternoon of the next day.

Next time, we need to choose a smoother road to ride.

We usually strengthen exercise and get ready for the next journey, because the two men are just a little tired.

Where are you going on your next trip…..