Biking half day camp 馂摐 wind chasing youth by Longzi Lake, the first biking in spring

Outdoor cycling is the best sport for children to exercise and enjoy sports fun.

Moreover, children can expand the scope of activities and get close to nature.

Many children have started cycling before school.

Without scientific learning and training, riding instability and potential safety hazards will occur.

These bad riding experiences will make children lose the fun of riding.

Based on this, We found professional teachers to design riding classes suitable for children.

We hope that children can strengthen their physique, adhere to riding sports, improve their self-confidence and willpower, face difficulties positively and stick to them.

Our riding series is divided into three levels.

In the primary class, children are trained in correct riding posture and short-distance riding training, Master basic riding skills, and then the difficulty increases step by step.

We will continue to find routes suitable for children’s riding, challenge various riding environments, and carry out cross-country riding and long-distance training.

In fact, many children don’t really ride! Wrong riding posture is not only dangerous, but also affects the growth and development of children.

What position of the sole of the foot is used to step on the pedal when riding? When the thigh is at what angle to the frame Mastering some riding skills will help to reduce the occurrence of car falling accidents, let children ride more freely and enjoy the fun of riding.

This time, we will lead the children to learn basic riding skills by riding on the Bank of Longzi Lake, complete the first riding in spring, learn correct riding posture, master basic riding skills, improve balance ability and coordination ability, increase self-confidence, learn safe riding rules, establish a sense of safe riding, get close to nature and enjoy the fun of outdoor riding.

1 The most beautiful five-star cycling route is Longzi Lake, with more than 1300 mu of water surrounded by 200 mu of wetland and more than 1000 mu of green space.

Children walk through the flowers and plants in spring, so that cycling is not boring; Longzi Lake Ring Road along the lake is isolated from the highway to ensure riding safety.


The difficulty of riding is suitable for children to carry out adaptive riding training within 5km of the inner ring road around the lake, and ride smoothly by the lake within 7km of the outer ring road.

The training is gradual and the intensity is moderate.


Professional teachers and riding coaches have won the champion of domestic riding competitions for many times.

They have rich teaching experience and have a systematic riding teaching system.


What are the structures and components of the mountain bike in the pre trip classroom? How to check the vehicle? How to correctly wear helmets, knee pads and elbow pads? How to adjust the right seat? How to get on and off the train 路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路 Relay race and other interesting team PK competitions not only strengthen the turning and braking skills, but also gain the encouragement of peers and the friendship of new friends.


“Riding” has endless fun.

The water of Longzi Lake is clear, the shore is green and the scenery is beautiful.

The same scenery has the beauty of different angles.

After being proficient, you can enjoy the fun of riding, feel the breeze in spring and bathe in the sunshine in spring.

The line has been stepped on for many times and strict safety assessment; The curriculum design follows the law of teenagers’ physical and mental development.

Teacher ratio: up to 1:5.

The high-quality small group ensures the high-quality experience of children.

Coach: the riding coach has won the champion of domestic riding competitions for many times and has rich teaching experience; The team leaders and coaches have received professional training and have more than three years of experience in outdoor education for teenagers.

They are equipped with children’s professional variable speed mountain bikes and choose the appropriate size according to the child’s height; Provide riding protective equipment: helmets, knee pads, gloves, etc.

at 08:50 in the morning, gather and sign in at 09:00, pre trip class at 09:20, safety contract, establish mutual recognition agreement, 09:40, 5km slow adaptability training in Longzi Lake inner ring, 10:20, fun challenge (slow riding race, pile race) 10:40, 7km Changqi in Longzi Lake outer ring, 11:20, camp conclusion, Issue badges: 13:50 p.m., gather and sign in at 14:00 p.m., pre trip class at 14:20 p.m., establish a mutual recognition agreement, 14:40 5 km Longzi Lake inner ring slow adaptability training, 15:20 fun challenge (slow riding race, pile race) 15:40, 7 km Longzi Lake outer ring Changqi, 16:20, camp completion summary, Issue badges [recruitment object] children aged 7-12 (8 in a group and 20 in a group) (height above 120cm, must be able to ride a bike) [activity time] March 5 / 6 (one in the morning and afternoon each day) [activity cost] 178 yuan / person # discount method: two people report 168 yuan / person, or forward this link to the circle of friends to help 10 praise and reduce 10 yuan, The two offers cannot be superimposed [the fee includes] coach fee, event equipment fee, pre planning, etc.

(free insurance) [event location] Longzihu, Zhengzhou] registration method: Shark teacher 15538330075 (same as wechat) registration instructions: 1.

Refund instructions: cancel 2 days before the event, you can get a full refund; cancel 1 day before the event, you can get a refund of 50% on the same day of the event, No refund; 2.

If the event cannot be held as scheduled due to weather conditions, lack of groups or other uncontrollable factors, the extension or registration fee will be refunded in full; 3.

Please wear comfortable sportswear and sports shoes on the day of the activity.

Don’t bring valuables, mobile phones, etc.

lose yourself…