“Biking and camping” is free and happy

When camping has gradually become a way of life, simple camping can no longer meet the needs of this group of campers who have fled from the city.

Unwilling to be lonely, they have explored the playing method of camping +.

Taking camping as the carrier, they combine all kinds of things and sports they like with camping to explore more colorful and interesting camping life situations.

“New” niche trendy cool “gameplay: Camping + according to Ma honeycomb data, urban peripheral travel has become a travel trend in the post epidemic era.

Leave the city, camp in the wild, spend one or more nights, empty yourself in the process, enjoy a quiet, safe and comfortable, and obtain new experiences and skills, which has become the new” niche trendy cool “gameplay of peripheral travel.

Today, Xiaobian is chatting with everyone about the new choice of camping by bike.

“Enrich this camping journey by cycling.

Cycling camping is a great way to explore new places.

Pack your luggage on your bike and take these guides with you.

Cycling camping is a great way for both novices and professionals.

Not only can you load all your equipment on your bike without having to bear the weight yourself.

But also on two wheels You can also cover longer distances than walking.

This means you can easily travel around and during your camping trip.