Beijing outdoor day • Guishui River cycling | Guishui River – Guanting 29km leisure riding tour | enjoying the beautiful scenery of Guihe

Introduction to the activity: the route of the activity is published on multiple websites, and the trip is determined.

Please rest assured that your teammates can sign up to undertake company, group activities, annual meetings, hot springs, venues, travel, group construction, meetings, private customization, parent-child activities, professional teams, Tailor made activity routes for you and the company [unlimited group participation, free event planning] consultation telephone / wechat: Damin 18510565783/13521610512 tank activity introduction driving is a little fast, parking is a little difficult, walking is a little far…

Cycling – combines the beauty of driving and walking ▪ Cycling tour ▪ / Guihe Forest Park Guanting Reservoir waterfront / Beijing Top 10 bicycle tour 29km the most beautiful one of the Beijing Top 10 bicycle tour routes is Guihe forest park.

The sky is blue, the water is clear, and the trees are green.

Here, you can fully immerse yourself in nature and wash your mind.

We will experience this wonderful way by riding.

This time, we use bicycles as a carrier to walk into nature to drive the wind and fly, and enjoy the north in the coolest way Beijing’s most beautiful spring weekends and holidays | riding while playing in Yanqing • leisure riding 21 speed mountain bikes (various models are suitable for adults, girls, children, etc.) ▌ benefits of cycling 1 The body shaping effect of riding is very good.

It can make the small belly disappear, the waist smaller and the hips cocky.


riding can greatly improve our sleep quality and our mental outlook.


the thigh muscles are the most exercised by cycling.

The leg muscles can be exercised by cycling.


riding requires a lot of oxygen, which can strengthen our cardiopulmonary function.


riding can help us reduce stress.

When riding a bike, the brain will secrete a substance that can relax the brain, make us feel happy and feel happy.


riding can exercise our willpower.

▌ activity time: every Saturday, Sunday and holiday ▌ collection information: 08:00 ▌ Metro Huixin West Street Nankou station * subject to the collection information of the day before departure ▌ cycling route: Youjing Garden – Qiufeng Garden – Qingfeng Garden – Jingxin Garden – Banshan Lake – Shipu Garden – banquan Sports Park ▌ activity intensity: the whole cycling journey is about 29km (you can turn back at any time).

The road is smooth and you can ride while playing.

It is suitable for all team members who can ride bicycles.

▌ activity fee activity fee adult 238 yuan / person, self driving 188 yuan / person *children under 1.25m need to ride parent-child vehicles with adults, and the cost is 128 yuan / person ▪ The cost includes 1) transportation: round trip air-conditioned bus charter fee; 2) Bicycles: 21 speed mountain bikes and bike protectors (please specify when signing up for children’s vehicles, and the cost is the same as that of adults); 3) Lead Rider: professional bicycle lead rider; 4) Team leader: the whole process team leader closes the team; 5) Others: free high outdoor insurance (please submit your identity information when signing up).

▪ The cost does not include 1) catering: this activity does not include meals.

Please bring your own road meals suitable for outdoor use; 2) Others: please take good care of the bike.

If there is any damage, you need to compensate according to the price.

Tip: Guishui park is free during the epidemic period, but you need to make an appointment with your real name on the official website one day in advance, “inside and outside the Great Wall Travel” (wechat search “inside and outside the Great Wall · I travel to Yanqing” applet) at least one day in advance.

Do not accept on-site appointment! ▪ Self driving instructions self driving team members should arrive at the designated time and return their bikes on time, and follow the team rules during the activity- Itinerary –08:00 | please gather on time according to the collection information notice, and go to Guishui River in Yanqing, the capital’s important ecological conservation area, with songs and laughter all the way- 10: 00 | upon arrival, collect the bicycle, check the vehicle and protective equipment, and explain the precautions uniformly- 11: Under the leadership of Lingqi, ride to Youjing Park and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Guihe park along the way.

Riding along Yannong Road, you can enjoy the European style like a palace in the secluded path garden, carry out a bicycle race around the pile (physical coordination exercise to test the ability to control the bicycle), and then arrive at the gallery and trestle of Autumn Maple Garden to take photos, so that you can fully integrate into the natural scenery, and the charming scenery will make you linger- 11: 30 | take a rest in the Qingfeng garden, and then organize everyone’s bicycle slow riding competition (use their hands and feet, cooperate with each other, trust each other, encourage each other, and strive for success)- 12: 00 | road meal / picnic- 13: 00 | Guye Forest Park Daying beacon tower overlooks the Yongning Pavilion of the Expo, looks for Wetland Wild Birds, and takes a deep breath in the natural oxygen bar- 14: Continue to ride to banquan Sports Park, where the forest greenway, rural landscape, landscape water system and beacon site are intertwined, presenting a green and ecological style of leisure and sports resort, bicycle lane and slow-moving road system, passing through water bay, pond and other characteristic landscapes- 15: 30 | gather at the turning point and sing the slogan of charging, so that we can experience the pleasure of cycling together.

Return the bike and protective equipment to end the happy ride- 18: 00 | arrive at the departure place, and the pleasant journey ends* The above travel time is for reference only.

It may be adjusted due to different weather, traffic, passenger flow and physical fitness of the team members.

The actual arrangement of the team leader shall prevail.

The beautiful Guihe Forest Park Guihe river is the mother river of Yanqing.

It meanders across Yanqing County.

The scenery on both sides is beautiful, like a beautiful chain of colors.

Here, you can find green mountains far away and water near.

It is the best choice for you to forget your troubles and relax.

Guishui River is located more than 10 kilometers north of Badaling, Yanqing District.

It originates from Songshan Nature Reserve surrounded by mountains.

It passes through Longqing gorge in the East and turns out of the mountain to the west of Jinniu.

It flows into Guanting Lake through Guichuan around Kangxi grassland.

The river is 18.5 kilometers long, 75 to 250 meters wide, and the drainage area is 1073.6 square kilometers..