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Spring Beijing incomplete cycling Guide 🚴🚴🚴 Riding a bike is a pleasure.

Go through the western buildings in the embassy area, around the Zhengyi road with a garden hidden in the road, and ride all the way to the Donghua gate to take you to the super small Royal cycling road beside the Forbidden City – good weather, big surprise benefits at the end of the cycling article.

01 /gobikeriding / – start from dongjiaomin lane.

Memories of the embassy area dongjiaomin lane was once the British and French embassy area, and it was also the longest Hutong in Beijing.

The buildings of the embassy complex combine the European classical aesthetic style and modern architectural structure.

They have a magnificent momentum and can slip around in less than 10 minutes on a bicycle.

Street trees take out green branches of Sophora japonica, ash, ginkgo Standing on both sides of the road, the sun passes through, the shadow of trees flickers, Beijing look rides a bike forward, the buildings and street scenes continue to retreat, the wind is warm on his face, and he feels the thickness of history in the calm and pleasant scenery of spring.

  🏁 Spot1 | St.

Michael’s Cathedral * the door of the church is paved with a tiled corridor.

On the side is a French custom-made glass window.

The angel image above the main door is beautifully carved.

Although it is a western building, the layout is a combination of Chinese and western in Beijing’s traditional residential format, just like a two-story Gothic building of art St.

Michael’s Cathedral dongjiaomin Lane landmark.

With its castle momentum, our ride begins here 🏁 Spot2 | the former site of the French post office * the main body of the building is a brick and wood structure.

The door side is made of granite.

The Chinese clean water brick wall belongs to the eclectic style popular in Europe and the United States at that time.

It integrates Chinese elements and is full of “highly mixed” form beauty.

Because its front wall is built with six continuous arched large windows, which is magnificent, passers-by can’t help but stop to take photos to remember that the building appearance is old and the door is closed, The accumulated dust in the shadow feels cold and full of historical mottled feeling 🏁 Spot3 | court Museum * this was once the former site of the Beijing Branch of Zhengjin Bank of Japan.

It is located at the intersection of dongjiaomin lane and Zhengyi road.

Beside the neatly arranged yellow cars in front of the museum, there is a single lane as wide as the motorway.

The change of this building also condenses the history of dongjiaomin Lane from the Qing Dynasty to modern times to liberation.

Now it has finally returned to calm.

Standing at the intersection, it bypasses the thick stone wall on the side of the main gate of the court Museum.

After a hundred years, It witnessed many stories 02 /gobikeriding/- walking along the road of justice · catching the spring light 🏁 The garden in spot1 road *beijing look turns to the Chinese court Museum and rides north to reach the intersection of Nanchizi street.

To the East is Wangfujing, to the west is Tiananmen Square.

Zhengyi road is short but special.

There is a green area in the road that is wider than the road.

From time to time, it is very convenient to pass through a small garden in the middle of several roads.

It is very convenient to pull over and have a rest.

Pedestrians are leisurely or sit or stand to kill time.

Looking up, they are full of green at different levels 🏁 In the spring when spot2 is going on * the road is green, but before the spring is at its peak, the trees still have dead branches.

Some branches are still bare but the green leaves grow vigorously.

People ride through the intersection gently in the breeze, witnessing the ongoing spring 🏁 Spot 3 the intersection of nanheyan street and Zhengyi road continues to the north.

There are many cars along the street.

There are many traditional restaurants, professional cycling teams and mountain bikes on both sides of the road.

The environment has become noisy.

Compared with walking, cycling is more pleasant in this slightly hot afternoon.

Compared with cars, the line of sight is opened, When the wind blows, you feel free 03 /gobikeriding/- arrive at Donghua gate.

Ride along the South River along the Royal hidden riding path for about 15 minutes.

Turn right to the east gate of the imperial palace.

Enter the moat river for free from the side of Donghua gate.

This is a relatively small riding path.

Almost all the people come from the surrounding residents.

Donghua gate is the east gate of the Forbidden City.

You can’t enter the moat by sharing bicycles, You can ride your own car into the Forbidden City surrounded by the walls.

The roads are clean and tidy.

You can see the corner tower and the yuanmiao temple on the other side of the river.

Along the way, you meet all kinds of riders, little girls in pink skirts, uncle in camouflage, pushing an old-fashioned uncle on February 8.

The road is quiet and elegant, not as serious as the willow branches on the Bank of the Forbidden City, It’s a neat and clean place with water under the imperial city.

04 /gobikeriding/- riding time · 52toys in Beijing look.

Of course, riding a bike should be light.

At this time, the gadgets that can be put into your pocket and mastered by yourself are the best choice to add fun to riding\ The sky is blue and the trees are green.

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