Beijing Cycling | 11.26/27, Yanqi Lake Cycling

Beijing Outdoor, with the main purpose of “sports, happiness and health”, releases mountaineering camping, outdoor travel and leisure gathering activities every week.

Activity introduction: Get close to nature, enjoy the scenery along the way, and ride as fast as you want, or as slow as you want.

It is convenient to park at any time.

Riding for relaxation can also help you exercise.

Why not? Cycling in Yanqi Lake • 25km slow cycling system Beijing’s Top Ten Cycling Routes Here, the sky is blue, the water is clear, the trees are luxuriant, the lakes and mountains are beautiful.

Here, you can fully immerse yourself in the nature and wash your mind.

We will experience riding while playing in this beautiful way.

Leisure cycling in Yanqi Lake is located at the foot of Yanshan Mountain, beside the Great Wall; In spring and autumn, flocks of wild geese often come to live in the lake, hence the name.

It’s too fast to drive and too slow to walk.

Why not ride? Come to Yanqi Lake to enjoy the intoxicating beauty of Beijing at the end of autumn.

A 10000 square meter garden style green space has been opened by Yanqi Lake.

More than 100000 rare flowers and trees, such as maple, gingko, acacia, green bamboo, and French tung, have been planted, making it possible to have flowers in three seasons and evergreen in four seasons.

After years of construction, the cultural landscape and natural landscape in Yanqi Lake are integrated, and the spring and summer are full of shade; In the golden autumn, the Great Wall is in full bloom.

The Great Wall looms between the peaks.

The lake covers thousands of acres, with rippling blue waves and hundreds of boats competing for the current.

It is so beautiful.

The whole ride is about 25km long, starting from the intersection of the parking lot, with a slight overlap between the middle and the hiking route.

Along the way, you can have a panoramic view of all the beautiful Yanqi Lake.

A ride, relaxation, leisure, play, sightseeing and fitness are all integrated.

Advantages of cycling: 1.

Exercise leg muscles to make legs more stylish.


Consume calories, burn fat and lose weight.


When cycling, you can see the beautiful environment around you, breathe fresh air, and relax your brain.


When riding a bicycle on the road, you should always pay attention to the situation around you to exercise your brain’s responsiveness and flexibility.


The high heat brought by cycling can promote blood circulation, improve heart and lung functions, and prevent cardiovascular diseases.


Low carbon environmental protection, green travel.

Activity requirements: 1.

Skillfully master cycling skills.

Participants must obey the leader’s command and wear protective equipment.


Please take care of your valuables during the ride.

Do not answer or make calls, take photos or listen to music during the ride.


Participants should pay attention to the road conditions to ensure their own safety.


Please wear outdoor casual sportswear and shoes, carry backpacks, and dress is strictly prohibited.


Take good care of the bike.

If the bike is damaged, the participants should compensate for it according to the price.


Please follow the arrangement of the team leader.

Schedule 08:30 | Huixin West Street or nearby subway station to meet (subject to the meeting information the day before departure); 09:30 | Arrive at Yanqi Lake, pick up bicycles, check vehicles and protective equipment, and the leader explains the precautions uniformly.

After that, I rode along the west bank of Yanqi Lake under the leadership of the leader, and along the way, I enjoyed the natural scenery of Yanqi Lake; 12:00 | Choose a beautiful place for lunch; 13: 00 | Go to the south bank of Yanqi Lake for a ride, watch the Sunrise Oriental Hotel (Bird’s Egg) at a close distance, and the Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention Center (Yanqi Tower) at a distance.

15: 30 | Return to the origin.

After returning the bike, assemble for the return trip; 17: 00 | Arrive at the departure place, and the happy journey ends.

The whole journey of leisure riding is about 25 kilometers.

The road is gentle, and some sections have climbing and playing, which is suitable for all cyclists (10-55 years old)! There will be motor vehicles along the way, please pay attention to safety! Note: The above itinerary is the planned time, without special circumstances, the activities shall be carried out according to the above itinerary.

In case of weather, traffic and other force majeure factors, the leader has the right to make changes to the itinerary.

Cost description: The activity cost is 198 yuan/person (148 yuan/person for self driving) [The cost includes]: 1.

Transportation: round-trip air-conditioned car rental; 2.

Bicycle: mountain bike and bike riding protective gear (children under 12 years old are not allowed to register for this activity); 3.

Team leader: excellent outdoor team leader; 4.

Insurance: One day outdoor insurance will be given as a gift (please provide accurate identity information to ensure the generation of valid insurance policies).

[The cost does not include]: 1.

Catering: This activity does not include meals.

Please bring your own outdoor lunch or AA dinner for everyone; 2.

Others: The scenery is on the road, and you don’t need to enter the scenic area by bike.

If you enter the scenic area, you can pay for your own ticket.

[Refund principle]: Because the event needs to book a car in advance and prepare for related matters, those who quit within 24 hours before the event departure should find a replacement.

If there is no replacement, the fee will not be refunded.

Please understand! Note: Self help, mutual assistance and solidarity are the basic principles of outdoor activities.

Those who have no collective idea, have more personal requirements and like to complain are not allowed to register.

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