Beautiful! Follow the wind and ride along the Yantian beach, 11km to meet the sparkling sea!

It has provided 300000 + children with the most educational practical activities skills learning weekend camp | growth series independent camp | day study in the world parent-child camp | the most beautiful coast cycling Yantian seashore plank road forest mountain scenery Yantian seashore wharf forest greenway Yantian seashore plank road, with a total length of 19.5 kilometers, which is known as the world’s longest “seashore jade belt”.

We choose the most essence 11km 🔜 Starting from the wharf, you can cross the forest greenway along the coastline of boguangli and the urban living line, and reach the first-line sea view of Beizijiao 🔜 Learn tire repair knowledge in small class of shoreline Library…

Enrich a fun day 01 course highlights: mountain bike, mountain bike customized for children, easy wind chasing ~ riding skills, gear shifting skills for climbing and downhill, safety guarantee, teacher ratio of 1:5, professional riding protective gear + customized outdoor magic headscarf sports warm-up Exercise Teaching, cultivate healthy sports awareness ~ sign language teaching, riding sign language teaching, Cultivate children’s outdoor knowledge ~ outdoor signs, interpret outdoor signs, ensure safety and be a civilized follower! Tire repair teaching cultivates the ability to solve problems independently.

02 course details pre departure course, outdoor knowledge and skills, cone-shaped elliptical streamlined helmet, reduce wind resistance, knee and elbow protection, wearing methods, glove selection, face towel, seat adjustment, front wheel…

The coach will first teach children to protect themselves! Wear protective equipment and warm up! What are the most common problems in cycling? What adjustments should be made when facing uphill and downhill? It turns out that there are many tips that children don’t know yet! How to convey and receive other people’s information outdoors? It’s not enough to rely on sound.

Sign language is the default rule in outdoor circles.

Learn to abide by it! 11km ride, let’s go! Get on the mountain bike and go! The whole journey is 11km, crossing the 20 meter long slope of the forest trail on the sparkling coastline.

This is a riding line that challenges children’s physical fitness.

The sprint up the slope and the pleasure down the slope.

Here, we feel the sweat and enjoy the tire repair teaching.

The tire of the outdoor independent ability is leaking.

There is no repair shop.

What should we do? Finding out the air leakage point is the first step.

What can I do? It’s a new way to listen to the sound and see the bubbles in the water! Take tire rubber to repair and re inflate…

Coach hands-on! We encourage children to solve difficulties and think independently, which is a very important ability to deal with emergencies in life! Registration information recruitment period: May 21 June 1 recruitment object: children aged 8 and over (height should be more than 1.2 meters, must have riding foundation!) Assembly place: exit D of gaoxinyuan subway station (8:30 Collection) / exit F2 of children’s palace subway station (9:00 Collection) teacher ratio: 1:5 ratio to protect the safety of children! Number of people in the group: 15 people in the group, 30 people in the group.

Course price: 499 / person.

Preferential policy: 50 yuan / person for 2-3 people in the group, and 60 yuan / person for 4 people and above; Customizable places: one day of Maozhou River greenway and half day / day of Futian Central Park.

The cost includes: lunch, bus, mountain bike, protective equipment, team leader and coach fee, teaching assistant, course route R & D fee, insurance, headscarf, materials and other travel modes: bus to the same place (considering that there is no subway to the distribution center and it is far away from the city center, so the same bus to the same place) travel bag list: Sportswear convenient for riding Outdoor riding shoes (or hard soled sports shoes), backpack, can bring a bottle of water (water will be distributed twice by car), and can prepare some snacks.

Yantian seaside greenway 11km ◆ 2.