Be fully responsible for being hit while riding!

Think they are “fast” and “flexible” to ride non motor vehicles, run red lights and go retrograde.

These behaviors are not only illegal, but also likely to bear corresponding responsibilities.

Recently, there was a traffic accident between electric bicycles and minibuses at the intersection of Nanguan street and Nanhuan road in Baodi District.

About 10 seconds before the left turn signal at the intersection was released, the electric bicycle driver turned left and passed the intersection without waiting patiently.

Then he collided with a normal passenger car in the middle of the intersection.

Fortunately, the speed of the minibus was not fast at the time of the incident, and the driver of the electric bicycle was only slightly injured.

However, the electric bicycle driver shall bear full responsibility for the accident due to the illegal act of running a red light through the intersection.

Unfortunately, if you don’t obey the traffic safety laws and regulations for more than ten years, most people who ride an electric bicycle and don’t ride an electric bicycle in strict accordance with the traffic safety laws and regulations in Tianjin must be responsible for the safety of others.

Once you don’t ride an electric bicycle for more than ten years, you must wear an electric bicycle to rush through the red light..