Be cautious when riding | After a few days of falling, the motorcycle rider suddenly becomes numb and his legs walk unsteadily

Click “The Wind of Qin Dynasty” above “Pay attention to the official account and learn more information every day! The beautiful autumn in summer brings many motorcycle friends a trip to enjoy the autumn, but they must pay attention to driving safety while enjoying the ride.

Recently, a 40 year old motorcycle friend fell down carelessly, causing facial and neck injuries.

The local hospital checked the X-ray film and found no obvious abnormalities, so they simply dealt with the facial wounds and went home to rest.

These days, limbs suddenly appeared He came to Xi’an Honghui Hospital for treatment due to numbness, instability of legs and other symptoms.

It was fine two days ago.

Why is it so now? Yang Xiaowei, the deputy chief physician of the minimally invasive ward of the Spine Diseases Hospital, received the patient, carefully examined the body and improved relevant examinations, and diagnosed the patient as cervical instability with herniated intervertebral discs.

After careful preoperative evaluation, Hao Dingjun, the director of the Spine Diseases Hospital, successfully performed anterior cervical decompression, discectomy, bone grafting, fusion and internal fixation for the patient, and the operation was successfully completed.

The patient can get out of bed the next day after the operation.

At this time, some netizens asked why they did not find cervical vertebra injury when they were injured? Yang Xiaowei, deputy chief physician, said that this was related to the fact that early cervical disc injuries could not be found abnormal through X-ray films.

Subsequently, cervical instability gradually occurred and the intervertebral disc gradually squeezed the spinal cord, leading to numbness of limbs and weakness of legs.

If spinal cord compression develops further, it may lead to severe spinal cord ischemia and aggravation of limb weakness.

It seems like a common thing to fall down while riding a motorcycle, but the hidden injury of the cervical vertebra is more serious than you think, and even has the possibility of paralysis! According to the data released by the Ministry of Public Security, in the first half of 2022, 5.34 million motorcycles were newly registered across the country, an increase of 1.08 million over the same period last year, with a growth rate of 25.38%, and many of them have large displacement motorcycles.

Because motorcycles and electric vehicles have no external protection, limbs and head and neck are easy to be injured.

In addition, the phenomenon that the back seat does not wear a helmet often occurs, laying hidden dangers for safety.

Therefore, I warmly remind the motorcycle riders to pay attention to the following points: 1.

Drivers and back seat passengers must wear helmet protection.


Drive cautiously in rainy days or take other means of transportation.


Wear fluorescent protective cycling clothes when driving at night to prevent rear end collision and strictly limit the riding speed.


Civilized and courteous do not shuttle around the motor workshop at will, and drive along the outside roads as far as possible in accordance with the traffic regulations.

In addition, if an accident occurs, please go to a regular hospital in time.

If craniofacial injury is found, it is necessary to rule out the possibility of craniocerebral and cervical injuries, and try to improve X-ray and MRI examinations to avoid spinal cord compression caused by hidden injuries.

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