be careful! You can’t ride without a helmet! Longyan comprehensively upgraded the sharing electric vehicle smart helmet!

Shared electric vehicles in urban areas bring convenience and speed to citizens, but some cyclists are reluctant to wear safety helmets on the way of riding, which has a big potential safety hazard.

The application of new technology of intelligent helmets will change this phenomenon.

In order to further reduce the potential risk of road traffic safety, with the strong promotion of public security and traffic police departments and urban management departments in Longyan, the intelligent induction helmets of shared electric vehicles in central urban areas of Longyan have been fully upgraded and put into use.

The newly upgraded shared electric vehicle is equipped with a new smart helmet.

The base of the new smart helmet is installed in the special basket in front of the car.

Users must first open the helmet lock through the mobile phone app, and then take off the helmet to unlock the ride.

If the helmet is not worn correctly, the vehicle cannot be started, and the electric vehicle will automatically give out a prompt tone of “the helmet is not worn, and the vehicle will be powered off”.

Only when the helmet is worn, can the vehicle be used normally.

According to the needs of traffic safety management and relevant regulations, the public security and traffic police department of Longyan and the city management department have made joint efforts to require driving rectification of the shared electric vehicles that have not been upgraded in the central urban area and are equipped with “intelligent safety helmets”.

Enterprises will focus on “warehousing, transformation and upgrading”.

Recently, the shared electric vehicles launched in the central city of Longyan have been upgraded in batches and gradually put into market service.

At present, the first batch of nearly 6000 upgraded smart helmet sharing electric vehicles has been transformed and put into use, with good results.

In recent years, the public security and traffic police department of Longyan has made every effort to prevent risks and ensure safety, continued to carry out the special rectification of sharing electric vehicles that do not wear safety helmets as required, and organized police and civilized traffic volunteers to persuade and publicize at various important intersections.

At the same time, UAV cruise control is also enabled, and UAV persuasion activities are regularly carried out at key sections and intersections in urban areas to further purify the road traffic environment.

▲ Carry out persuasion and publicity on the road for sharing electric vehicles to wear safety helmets correctly ▲ The Traffic Police Detachment of the Municipal Public Security Bureau and the Municipal Urban Administration Bureau conduct an interview with sharing electric vehicle operators.

Compared with the old version, the new version of helmets is more intelligent and can quickly identify whether users wear helmets “one helmet is always safe”.

Through the guidance of smart helmet technology, further improve citizens’ awareness of civilized traffic and safe travel, and maximize the safety of citizens’ travel.

The traffic police in Longyan also invited citizens to start from their own safety, take the initiative to wear safety helmets when riding, consciously abide by traffic laws and regulations, and travel in a safe and civilized manner.

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