Basic Cycling Camp | 15 km Riding Challenge for Chasing the Wind Teenagers

A group of wind chasing teenagers once gathered on the East Lake Greenway, and experienced spring, summer, autumn and winter.

After a 15km cycle, each teenager successfully reached the destination.

The children gained perseverance, courage and hard work.

I miss the freedom to follow the wind freely.

The young cyclists said: “The significance of riding lies in the rapidly rotating wheels, the beautiful flowers and the long sunset along the way, the company of friends, the poetry and wine years, and the indulgence in singing along the way, the ups and downs along the way, the stumbles and falls along the way, and the eating and sleeping, the drinking of water, and the wanton waving……” “Nothing compares with the simple pleasure of bikeride” – JFK “has no simpler happiness than riding” ——John Kennedy 01 Meaning of cycling We believe that cycling has different meanings in the hearts of every child who loves cycling! This is a simple happiness, which extends the width of life by driving the chain to move simply and mechanically with the repeated alternation of legs and gears.

It is either an exploration of the unknown, or an understanding of a life, or a breakthrough in self, or a sharpening of growth, or a unique memory of childhood…

I like cycling, but I don’t necessarily love the scenery on the road.

Sometimes, cycling is a release and vent of pressure.

Children ride not only bicycles, but also more: a little freedom, a little dream, a little freedom, a little release, a little passion…

When the warm sun shines on the tall starting platform of the cycling park, it sets off the backs of teenagers.

They push their cars, ready to rush down from the platform, chasing the wind, ready to start.

What a beautiful picture at this moment.

We believe that maybe this is the significance of our organization of cycling…

Wind Chasing Youth · Cycling Team, look forward to your joining! 02 Riding Harvest It’s a sense of freedom for young people to ride in the vast and wonderful world.

It’s the first time for young people to feel the taste of freedom from the breeze in the forest with two wheels and their partners.

Children, let’s explore a bigger and more wonderful world by riding together! Teenagers ride in close contact with nature and keep fit.

It is difficult for children today to have enough outdoor activities every day.

Riding is a good way to help children grow up happily.

It has unparalleled effect on their natural growth and development.

Riding on the road is full of unknown and tranquility.

In the natural tranquility and embrace, you can deeply understand life and life.

Riding can improve heart and lung function, exercise lower limb muscle strength and enhance systemic endurance, promote the development of children’s sports and balance ability, and improve their sports talents.

Juvenile Cycling Training Willpower Cycling is a sport of strength and endurance, which helps to cultivate teenagers’ willpower.

Regular cycling and trampling are also beneficial to the cultivation of concentration.

When we go forward with the team, we need to work together as a team; When a partner is injured or a bicycle breaks down, they need to help each other; When the direction deviates, we need to communicate and discuss together.

Children will learn and grow in this process.

As the saying goes, one person can ride fast, while a group of people can ride farther.

03 The first equipment for riding security awareness and high proportion of teachers is bicycles.

In addition, there are some equipment to ensure our safety, such as riding helmets, riding gloves, knee pads, etc.

We will lead the children to learn about these safety equipment and prepare for our pleasant trip.

This time, we choose the professional bicycle brand Giant Bicycle, which is one of the largest companies in the world for bicycle production and marketing.

With more than 30 years of professional experience in the production of all kinds of bicycles, we will meticulously manufacture each part with advanced production technology and modern design concept to create a reassuring mountain bike.

The children will also be equipped with mountain bikes of corresponding size according to their height at different ages.

This cycling camp is equipped with professional cycling helmets, knee pads and elbow pads for each child to ensure the safety of campers.

The ratio of professional riding coaches is 1:5, and the ratio of high teachers is 1:5 to protect children’s riding.

The riding safety rules explain what else should we pay attention to when we are on the road? We will simulate the scene, explain the traffic rules for outdoor riding, the gestures for communication during riding, and the emergency response methods for children, so as to establish the awareness of safe riding for children.

Bicycle maintenance, learning and practical operators must first sharpen their tools if they want to do well in their work.

A bicycle is a land vehicle driven by human pedals and driven by chains.

Understanding the structure of a bicycle is more convenient for us to overhaul it.

One of the most important components of vehicle weight is two tires.

In long line riding, tyre mending is a necessary skill, which is a very challenging practice and requires patience and skill at the same time.

04 Cycling route Cycling route: 15km East Lake Green Road Cycling difficulty: ★ ★ Cycling route introduction: the starting point is White Horse Posthouse, and the end point is White Horse Posthouse.

It does not pass through the crowded middle lake road Route Features: This route is around the lake, and the scenery along the route is beautiful, looking for a quiet place in the city It has no crowded crowd in the middle of the lake, nor muddy and desolate country roads.

The flat and spacious road will not increase the risk factor because of too many people, and can see beautiful scenery.

This time, we designed a half day white horse road riding route for the second phase of the East Lake Green Road, which does not pass through the crowded middle lake road.

But here you can enjoy pears, peach blossoms for ten miles, flowers like flowers, and the Bay Island Green Causeway.

It is the most suitable route for children to ride and experience nature for beginners..