Awesome! Ride 15000 kilometers for 18 days, just for walking alone

Reporter Dong zhe with the opening of the Duku highway, the Duku base camp has become a resting place for motorcycle riders.

Wang Weijie, from Dangshan, Anhui Province, rode for 18 days and 15000 kilometers to Dushanzi Duku base camp.

As soon as he unloaded his luggage, he couldn’t wait to exchange riding feelings with his new friends.

Wang Weijie said that this was his first long-distance motorcycle trip.

He met many people and experienced many things along the way.

Along the Duku highway, he also felt the magnificent scenery of seeing four seasons in one day and different days in ten miles.

Dushanzi Motorcycle Riding Club specially pasted the sticker of “wilderness journey Duku road motorcycle 217” on Wang Weijie’s motorcycle.

Dushanzi motorcycle club, whose members are mostly local motorcycle enthusiasts.

Yang Guoguang, the head of the club, said that they often organize cycling activities on Duku highway and surrounding cities.

In order to ensure driving safety, each motorcycle traveling is equipped with an intercom system to report the driving status of the team at any time.

Although it is hot, every team member must wear protective equipment.

Wang Xiaolu, a motorcycle friend, said that although I am a girl, since I fell in love with motorcycles and gave up makeup, I said goodbye to women’s clothes such as high heels and small skirts.

I had heavy equipment on my back and rode in full armed.

I felt very cool.

It is understood that in addition to organizing cycling, the Duku motorcycle club often participates in public welfare activities.

Wang Zhen, the team leader, said that they often provide help to the disabled, pick up garbage along the way, and publicize the concept of environmental protection with their own actions.

In the cycling team, there are hot-blooded tough guys and delicate girls.

No matter where they come from, the moment they put on their helmets, they become like-minded friends.

Based on their dedication and love for motorcycles, they blew up the accelerator and drove all the way to the desired distance.

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