Aunt Yun, 43, said: I regret doing something sorry for my husband when riding

Preface a beautiful journey is usually a process, but sometimes there are some accidents in the process.

Narrator: Aunt Yun, 43 years old.

I am 43 years old.

I am a self driving enthusiast.

I have a happy family that belongs to me.

I once thought I could be together and fall in love with my husband, but I made a big mistake a few years ago.

I betrayed my husband while riding, Since then, I didn’t dare to face my husband, and even avoided him intentionally or unintentionally, because I was afraid that he would know about it and that he would choose to divorce me.

Therefore, I will try not to contact my husband and talk to him as little as possible, which leads to the relationship between me and my husband becoming worse and worse, and even now we are almost like superficial couples; If that had not happened, my relationship with my husband would not have been like this, but it is too late to regret now; Because I love cycling, I keep a very good figure, and because I often maintain it, I look like a woman under the age of 30.

So every time I go shopping, I can get people’s attention, especially when I’m with my riding companions.

They always praise me for being young and saying that I’m as smart as a 20-year-old girl.

I listen to their flattery, but I never go to my heart.

After all, I still know myself.

There are five people in our riding team, There were three men and two women, one of whom was a husband and wife.

The longest route we rode together was the Sichuan Tibet line, which was where I made a mistake.

Riding is a sport I loved when I was young, and because of my good family, I can live a life without worry even if I don’t work.

But I am an adventurous person.

I always look forward to meeting different scenery and dangers, and always hope to see more things.

Therefore, I finally found the hobby of riding.

Every time I ride, I feel very relaxed, so I have maintained the hobby of cycling since I got married, although my husband opposed it at the beginning.

But I persisted and chose to continue cycling.

Our current team is an acquaintance we knew many years ago, so we usually don’t have too many scruples, but we still have a sense of propriety in treating each other.

We have seen too many ups and downs together over the years, and our friendship has long surpassed friendship, But we all have families, so we all restrain our inner impulse.

Of course, I am the same.

There is a man named a Jian in the team.

He has a mature beard and his very shaped face, which I like very much.

I have thought more than once that if I knew a Jian earlier, a Jian might be my husband, but I just have some regrets about this.

I don’t have much ideas.

I never thought of one day, I will do something sorry for my husband with ah Jian, but everything later clearly proves that ah Jian and I really did such a thing.

At that time, our team made an appointment to ride the Sichuan Tibet line together, so we began to prepare very early.

My husband also argued with me about this matter, because riding the Sichuan Tibet line is a long thing, which will take about a month, and it depends on the specific situation, if it is due to personnel or other reasons, Maybe this time is not enough, so my husband doesn’t want me to go, but my love for cycling is far greater than my husband.

Therefore, in the end, I didn’t listen to my husband’s advice, but insisted on coming to the place agreed with the team.

After meeting at the starting point, we set out after a day’s rest.

The total length of the Sichuan Tibet line is about 2200km, which is a difficulty we have never challenged.

At that time, we were ready for everything and even prepared for the hardships; But after all this, we found that it was far from enough.

The Sichuan Tibet line was really difficult.

On the first day, we only rode about 100 kilometers.

But at that time, we were a little tired, so we camped in the camp and had a rest.

Nothing happened that night.

It passed quietly.

Every day we rode hard on the Sichuan Tibet line.

We experienced a lot on this road.

We could see the brake marks left by other riding partners on the road, We can also see the encouraging words they left above the slope, and we can see all kinds of beautiful scenery.

Although these are very encouraging, the power of nature is infinite.

The most terrible thing we met along the way was hail.

The weather was a little cold and the wind was particularly strong.

It was very difficult for us to ride.

If we were not careful, we might even fall down.

The five members of our team encouraged each other.

Ah Jian took good care of me, especially when there was hail that day, because the hail fell very suddenly, We didn’t expect this to happen, and I was unfortunately hit on the head by hail and even fell asleep.

It was just going downhill at that time.

If there was no one to save me, I would certainly roll down the slope.

But ah Jian immediately jumped out of the car to protect me after seeing my situation, which saved me from a disaster.

At that time, I rested for a few days due to my injury, so I delayed the trip.

When I recovered, we continued to ride, After about a month, we successfully crossed the Sichuan Tibet line.

After the ride, we were very happy..