As the weather warms up, more and more people ride! What should we pay attention to in the initial stage of cycling?

As the weather warms up, more and more friends will choose to travel by bike.

But when we are ready to ride, what details should we pay attention to? Precautions for riding 1.

You must wear protective equipment such as helmets and gloves.

Riding precautions 2.

Prepare for rain and snow according to the weather, wear riding clothes or sports clothes as much as possible, and the trouser legs with loose legs shall be fixed with straps.

Precautions for riding 3.

Do not listen to MP3 and mobile music during riding to prevent distraction.

Precautions for riding 4.

Strictly abide by the traffic rules, ride in columns, and don’t rush or race.

Precautions for cycling 5.

Pay attention to the supplement of water in the middle of the ride.

Bring your own water (it’s best to bring some light salt water and sugar water in summer) and appropriate food (chocolate and sugar lumps) to supplement your physical strength in time.

Riding precautions 6.

Slow down in case of railway crossing, and make the tire perpendicular to the rail to prevent slipping.

Riding precautions 7.

When grading on unfamiliar sections, control the speed to prevent being caught unprepared by sudden elbow bends or unknown road conditions.

Precautions for riding 8.

When turning, especially the multi Lane turntable, carefully observe the passing vehicles, make clear gestures and indicate your direction.

Precautions for riding 9.

Pay attention, look about 100 meters ahead, and observe whether there is a crossing and ignorant retrograde.

Pay attention to slow down at the intersection to prevent agricultural vehicles and motorcycles from suddenly coming out.

Precautions for riding 10.

Don’t talk during riding.

Avoid riding in double rows or multiple rows.

If you find that you ride together, you should remind and correct it in time.

Precautions for riding 11.

Pay attention to the killers of road manhole covers.

In particular, the clearance of some castor manhole covers is larger than the tire of highway vehicles, so you should ride away from them.

Riding precautions 12.

Riding must be planned.

We should formulate the riding route and itinerary according to everyone’s actual situation.

We must not blindly formulate unrealistic itinerary, which will not only make everyone tired, but also lose the fun of riding.

There should be not only necessary repair tools, but also medical first-aid supplies.

Adequate preparation is the guarantee of smooth riding.

Precautions for riding 13.

The most important thing for riding is to wear a safety helmet.

Because it is directly related to your life safety.

It is necessary to check your equipment, brakes, lighting and tire pressure before riding.

Precautions for riding 14.

Control the speed when going downhill.

Just finished the hard climb, facing the long-distance downhill, we all want to enjoy the feeling of speed.

It’s very enjoyable and will forget ourselves, but at this time, dangerous seeds have been planted.

You don’t know if the unknown road ahead is dangerous.

Unless you want to perform a flying man, you’d better slow down and keep everything under control.

Precautions for riding 15.

Riding after drinking is strictly prohibited.

Riding after drinking is as dangerous as driving after drinking.

It is also a behavior that endangers others and yourself in dangerous ways, which can easily lead to tragedy.

Therefore, we strongly oppose riding after drinking.

Precautions for riding 16.

Form a team for riding.

Group travel and riding should be in formation, and the “one” formation should be adopted.

This can not only show the team style, but also save physical strength.

Find an experienced person to lead the team to ride, control the speed, one by one, maintain a safe distance, and someone should be responsible for the finishing work to prevent riders from falling behind.

Riding must comply with traffic laws and regulations, not retrograde, not “speeding”.

We must control the speed on the road.

We must not be competitive, overtake or drag racing, and pay attention to traffic safety.

Riding precautions 17.

Try not to catch the night road.

Because most bicycles are far away from the suburbs of the city and there are no street lights.

Even if you are equipped with lighting system, please try not to ride after dark because of the unfamiliar road conditions and the uncertainty of vehicles on the road.

Unknown dangers are everywhere…