Are you qualified for the eight riding standards?

Many people like cycling.

They all come from different fields and have received different levels of education.

Everyone’s personality and habits are very different.

Although most riders are very friendly, they still need to pay attention to the following points when getting along: 01 Don’t ask others to borrow a car.

This is a big taboo before riding friends.

Everyone’s car is like his sweetheart.

It’s not a problem to borrow a car.

The problem is that when you borrow a car, you happen to fall down again.

Do you want the other party to compensate you? How much is appropriate? If you are not a particularly close friend, you should remain silent on this issue.


Without imposing their own ideas on others, everyone has different preferences for cars.

Just as some people like speed connect and some people like Shimano, different feel also attracts different fans.

What you like and think is good does not represent the other party’s ideas, so not imposing your ideas on others is the most basic respect.

Chinese Confucius said that “human nature is similar, but learning is far away”, and divided human nature into nature and acquired learning; Zhang Zai’s sex dualism in the Northern Song Dynasty divides human nature into temperament and destiny.

Dialectical materialism holds that there is no distinction between a priori human nature and a priori good and evil.

Any realistic human nature is the result of human subjective and objective interaction on the basis of genetic factors and in the social environment, in which human social practice has decisive significance for the construction of human nature.

In the field of modern western psychology, there are three typical representatives: ① Freud’s psychoanalysis emphasizes that human instinct explains all and behavior, which is an instinctive determinism or genetic determinism; ② Behaviorism goes to the other extreme, otherwise it is natural instinct.

It advocates that all human behavior and nature are acquired.

It is the connection and systematization of stimulus response, and it is an anti instinct theory or environmental determinism; ③ Humanistic psychology opposes both instinctive determinism and acquisition theory, and advocates that human nature is like instinct, that is, people’s desire or basic needs are congenital to a certain extent, but the related behaviors or abilities, cognition or feelings are not necessarily congenital, but may be acquired or expressed through learning or guidance.

Maslow believes that human nature is the sum of all human attributes, and like instinctive need is the concentrated expression of human nature.

Are you a woman who is too emotional? Every night at 9:30, I will be here with you.

If you like Uncle Ye, share [listening with you at night before going to bed] with your friends and pay attention together.

Good night@ Listen with you at night before going to bed 03 Just riding a bike doesn’t ask about life.

Riding friends first met because of riding a bike.

Just because others ride with you doesn’t mean they have to tell you everything about him, so don’t ask about other people’s lives even if they have a very good relationship.

Distance produces beauty, which can be used everywhere.


Don’t preach.

Many people like to preach newcomers in the tone of the past because they ride for a long time.

It’s OK to share experience, but if you put on airs and rank with others, it’s really unpopular.

What others have done wrong can be said, but please pay attention to your tone.

People who are high above are not close to the people.


Generally speaking, people go out without breaking the bill.

They are AA system.

Occasionally, they encounter some people who are happier and eat more than anyone.

They can always slip away when they have to pay the bill.

Brothers have to settle accounts clearly.

Brother, you can have a snack ~ 06 Obey the traffic rules, you don’t even care about your own safety, and may even threaten the safety of others.

Who would like to ride together.

Running traffic lights, riding side by side and racing on crowded roads are very disgusting.


The ability of not encouraging everyone is limited.

A person with a strong competitive heart is easy to be encouraged by others.

It’s just a matter of spending money to encourage him to upgrade his car, but if you encourage him to ride a Sichuan Tibet line…

Spending is a small matter, safety is a big matter, and if something happens, it won’t end well! 08.

With team spirit, every group has its own rules.

If you must be a maverick in a group, I don’t think any club is suitable for you.

Any dissatisfaction can be communicated, but spreading negative energy is your fault.

I hope you will change if you have something, encourage if you don’t, ride in a civilized way, and make the riding family better and better!..