Are the novices ready to ride for the first time!

Dazhu forest is 15 kilometers long along the river, with pleasant scenery and open terrain.

The green mountains in the distance and the Jialing River flowing slowly around you can feel the most beautiful scenery of the mountain city.

Jinhai Avenue is flat and surrounded by river scenery and mountains.

When the weather is good, the sky is clear and the wind is pleasant.

On cloudy days, the green mountains are surrounded by faint fog, reminiscent of the words “distant mountains are like Dai”.

2021 Jinhai Avenue, Dazhulin & Autumn significance of outdoor cycling cycling is of great help to the growth and development of teenagers.

Firstly, its exercise intensity is particularly suitable for children in the period of growth and development, which can not only strengthen their body, but also make children stay away from computers and get more outdoor contact.

So what are the benefits of cycling for teenagers? Let’s get to know each other! Fitness function cycling can improve cardiopulmonary function, exercise lower limb muscle strength and enhance whole-body endurance.

It can also exercise the muscles, joints and ligaments of neck, back, arm, abdomen, waist and hip.

In addition, cycling can promote the full development of teenagers’ sports and balance ability.

The earlier cycling is, the more favorable it is for the development of children’s sports talent.

Improve response sensitivity.

Cycling often can develop the strength of teenagers’ leg and foot muscles, improve children’s movement speed, response sensitivity and balance ability, and improve the agility of the nervous system.

Team communication and cooperation in the process of participating in cycling activities with other children, it also helps to cultivate children’s brave and confident character and the ability of communication and cooperation.

Pleasure riding activities can make you feel happy.

When children arrive at their destination during cycling activities, they will feel relaxed and active and love the world more.

In addition, outdoor cycling can be regarded as a simple fun activity.

The longer you ride, the broader your mind will be.

Once learned, this ability to never forget is a way to live a healthy life.

Teenagers exposed to nature outdoors should ensure adequate outdoor activities every day.

There is fresh air and sufficient sunshine outdoors.

Outdoor activities are the best prescription for children’s happy growth and have unparalleled effects on Teenagers’ natural growth and development.

2021 & Autumn course arrangement 1 Time: 14:00-17:30 PM course level time course content elementary February 10 Dazhulin bicycle lane elementary February 13 Dazhulin bicycle lane 2 Gathering place: the square opposite Tianlang community in Xinjiang and Chengcheng, scan the QR code below and navigate to 3 Activity type: cycling · free giante professional children’s bicycle · free cycling equipment · free follow-up photography service · free insurance purchase 4.

Activity process: 13:30: small iron man club set out (round-trip with the club) 14:00: Dazhulin assembly point set in (go by oneself) 14:15: learn about cycling, Explain the riding action specification and exercise warm-up 14:30: check the condition of the bicycle and start from 14:30-17:00: a professional coach leads the team to ride, takes a break to adjust and answer the problems encountered in the riding process 17:00: return to the assembly site for a group photo 17:30: stretch and relax ※ the total length of the ride is about 20 kilometers 5 Elements of activity training: · safety awareness in cycling · improvement of cardiopulmonary function · improvement of physical coordination · calm response in case of difficulties, overcome difficulties · overcome external interference, improve concentration · learn to set and complete goals · teamwork, learn to establish good interpersonal relationships · relax and adjust academic pressure 6 Riding time: 3-4 hours 7 Teaching object: teenagers aged 6-14 (able to ride bicycles skillfully) 8 The minimum teacher-student ratio is 1:49 Charging standard: class fee: 248 yuan / person; traveling with the club: transportation fee: 10 yuan / person discount: 10% off for small iron man members, 30 yuan for their own bicycles; new year Juhui riding class package: 1980 yuan / 10 class hours; class fee includes: riding course design fee, coach fee, site fee, insurance fee, venue fee, bicycle use fee, riding equipment use fee, bottled drinking water, Use fees for public materials such as walkie talkies and medical boxes..