An electric car in Hangzhou burned into a fireball in an instant! Burn girl was notified of critical illness for the next three times

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At more than 11 noon on July 18, an electric bicycle suddenly caught fire near Yuhuang villa in Hangzhou.

A father and daughter on the electric car were severely burned and are being treated in the hospital.

In the video, the father and daughter’s electric bicycles suddenly catch fire while driving.

The fire soon surrounded father and daughter.

Subsequently, security guards, passers-by and car owners passing by the nearby sanatorium rushed to help.

“I heard a loud noise and saw the fire.” Zhuang Yongzhi, the security guard at the scene, was one of the witnesses.

It is understood that when he heard the noise, he hurried to the side of the road.

As a result, he saw a battery car lying on the side of the road, and the fire had jumped high.

Master Zhuang recalled that another battery car was lying next to the battery car on fire, and a woman was shouting “help”.

So Master Zhuang quickly shouted “express 120” to the people around him while putting out the fire with a fire extinguisher at the battery car.

When the people around him heard the call for help, they came to help one after another.

Subsequently, firefighters arrived at the scene and the fire was brought under control.

The injured girl Qiqi was born in August 2014 and should be in the second grade of primary school in September.

At more than 9 o’clock last night, her mother’s mood stabilized a little.

She told reporters: in the morning, both parents were resting.

They were going to the bookstore with their children to buy her some extracurricular books.

Originally, the girl took her mother’s electric car, but before leaving, her mother suddenly thought of getting a citizen card and wanted to get a library card for her child, so the girl moved to her father’s car.

“She used to ride in my car.

She said she liked to sit behind her mother best.” At 9:30 pm, the reporter learned that Qiqi’s operation has been completed, but she can’t come out yet.

She needs to continue to observe in the surgical intensive care unit.

According to the injured girl Qiqi’s uncle told reporters that up to now, the hospital has issued three critical notices.

Many families stayed up all night.

The reporter also learned from the West Lake Scenic Area Branch of Hangzhou market supervision bureau that next, the relevant staff of the market supervision bureau will ask their families about the purchase territory of electric vehicles and whether they are 3C certified products.

The reporter will follow up the matter further.

The West Lake scenic spot will also conduct a comprehensive inspection of the electric vehicle sales and maintenance business units within its jurisdiction.

The Spontaneous Combustion Accident of battery car affects people’s hearts.

After the love relay accident of Hangzhou citizens, the father and daughter have affected the hearts of many Hangzhou people.

It is understood that the family members have applied for online fund-raising.

“Help her and make some modest efforts”…

Netizens have given their love, and Hangzhou citizens launched a love relay! In less than a day, more than 48000 love relay, crowdfunding has reached 2 million.

We all hope to help the little girl.

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